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Bulgaria Holiday From Hell?

The Bulgaria holiday from hell story goes back a few years when the country was fairly new to the business of providing package holidays. Unfortunately, thanks to the internet, media stories stick around a lot longer than the old paper days, so the Bulgaria holiday from hell story is going to pop up from time to time.

Bulgaria holiday from hell and other holiday stories

To be fair, you could substitute any country name in the phrase Bulgaria holiday from hell. We’ve all read the rants in the red tops. Let’s face it, they make good copy. The brand new apart-hotel with swimming pool and all facilities that looked so inviting in the brochure, turns out to be a pile of concrete. Tired, sweaty and hungry, your heart sinks when the rep shuffles you off to a cockroach-infested boarding house while the holiday company tries to sort it all out. Instead of choosing from the list of excursions and planning your days out, you’re squinting through the small print of your holiday booking contract trying to find out who is responsible. Or there’s the phantom plane – the one that never turns up, so you don’t get to your holiday destination, or worse still, you don’t get home. Remember those stories? Two or three nights on the floor of an overseas departure lounge and permanent queues for the toilets are everybody’s idea of the holiday from hell. Or there are the hotels that are just plain unsafe, with faulty equipment and dangerous heating systems.

Another variant of the holiday from hell theme is the contaminated cruise ship, the one where everyone comes down with norovirus and the ship has to negotiate a Force 10 storm before it can get back to port. Unfortunately, norovirus and Legionnaire’s Disease, a respiratory infection, can make people really ill.

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