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Broken Wrist Insurance Claim

My broken wrist insurance claim was not successful, what can I do?

A broken wrist can take a long time to heal and requires a very careful recovery, young children can heal a broken wrist in less than three weeks but older people may require over six weeks to heal their injury. Often a plaster cast will be needed to help with the recovery, your doctor will let you know when the cast can come off and you can go back to your normal physical activity and work. After your arm has come out of the cast it will be weak and stiff so physiotherapy can help to build back your strength in your arm muscles and get you back to your full range of movement. Children do not often need physiotherapy though.

One thing to be aware of is that the risk of breaking or fracturing the same wrist bone after your cast has come off is high so make sure to avoid any situations where you could injure yourself such as sporting or highly physical activities for at least three weeks to prevent this from occurring. Also, you should not drive with a cast and only start driving when you have full strength and movement in your wrist as driving still can put pressure on the affected area.

A broken wrist can occur at any time but even if you have insurance you may not receive a payout from an insurance claim for the injury. This is where a compensation claim for your injury can help you, a term that is important to be aware of in these cases is “duty of care”, for you to be eligible to make a claim your injury needs to be proven to be caused by someone else either directly or indirectly due to their negligence or lack of action taken that they owed you.

For example, generally your employer has a duty of care to offer you a safe workplace environment for you to work in and the local council has a duty of care to keep roads and pathways in a good condition that prevents accidents from occurring. Evidence of the negligence is important such as CCTV footage and statements from witnesses.

Will a broken wrist insurance claim always result in a payout?

A broken wrist insurance claim may not always result in a payout so make a compensation claim with Accident Advice Helpline if you feel you should be compensated. Make a claim with Accident Advice Helpline by calling or texting the phone number found at the top of the page.