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Broken toe at work

If you suffer a broken toe at work, you may be eligible for compensation

A broken toe can occur at any time and is a common injury, especially at work where heavy objects are being moved and objects can be accidentally hit with your toe. Generally, a broken toe can take anywhere from four to six weeks to fully heal, depending on the nature of the injury.

If you have injured your toe, but are not sure whether it has actually been broken or is just injured, then make sure to see your local GP to find out exactly what the injury is. Even a swollen toe needs time taken off work to rest and help it recover. A general rule, however, is that if your toe is swollen, red and in severe pain then it is broken.

Other indicators are that the skin is bruised around the injured area and blood can be seen under the toenail. Also, with a broken toe, even just wearing a shoe will cause pain and make it hard to walk around. Sometimes, the broken toe will stick out at an irregular angle.

Recovering from a broken toe at work

Usually a broken toe can heal while you rest at home, and may not even need medical treatment. You should definitely see your local doctor if the pain in your toe gets progressively worse and taking painkillers offer no relief, if there is a wound anywhere near the injured toe, or if the discolouration or swelling does not reduce after a few days.

In certain circumstances an injured toe may need to be treated at a hospital, such as if your toes have had their nerves damaged; if they have a numb or tingling feeling, then there is a good chance of this. Also, you should go to the hospital if the discolouration has turned a grey or blue colour. If you break your big toe, then it’s possible that it may need a cast and the blood may need to be drained from the toenail. Crutches are also potentially a necessity in order to avoid putting weight on the injured toe.

Making a claim for compensation for a broken toe at work?

A broken toe at work can cause you to miss substantial time off work, so contact Accident Advice Helpline to make a compensation claim. A compensation claim for a broken toe at work can be made by calling us on 0800 689 5659 from your land line.