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Broken nose or not – how to tell?

Do you have a broken nose or not? If your nose has suffered a direct blow and it now looks very different from how it did before, then you almost certainly do have a broken nose. However, it is not always this easy to identify a break, which is why it is usually a good idea to seek treatment from your GP or a casualty department or walk-in clinic.

There are classic signs of a broken nose, however. Swelling will occur across the part of the nose that received the blow. This may also extend to the flesh underneath each eye. The same applies to bruising, since people with broken noses tend to have nasty bruising under each eye for several days afterwards.

Broken nose or not: Does it crackle or make odd noises if touched?

This is another indicator that a broken nose has occurred. You won’t want to touch your nose but if you do, you could feel or hear something moving around inside. Maybe you even heard something break when you suffered the blow that caused the injury.

The one sure way to find out whether it is broken and to see whether any other damage has occurred is to get it x-rayed. If you go to casualty or a local walk-in clinic, they will x-ray it for you to see whether there has been any damage to the bone.

Finding out whether your broken nose could result in compensation

Some injuries like this occur through simple bad luck. If you’re not looking where you are going as you walk through a park, you could trip on a tree root or even trip on your shoelaces. However, some people suffer a broken nose because a third party had been negligent and not made sure the area they were responsible for was safe to use. Did this happen to you?

Once you know if you have a broken nose or not, you can find out whether you could claim anything in compensation for the injuries you did receive. Even without a break, damage to your nose could result in compensation. To see if this is the case for you, call 0800 689 5659 now. Both numbers take you through to Accident Advice Helpline, where you can speak to an expert who will help.