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Why does a broken nose cause black eyes?

If you’ve ever had a broken nose, black eyes would likely have resulted afterwards. This is one of the most common symptoms of a broken nose, although you will probably have experienced others as well. Whenever a bone is broken, it tends to cause bleeding inside the body. It might sound odd to suggest bones bleed, but when they are damaged they do cause bleeding and can also damage the surrounding tissues.

All this blood must go somewhere, and in the case of a broken nose, it tends to cause the black eyes that are indicative of a break in this area, not to mention bruising across the nose itself. It will also feel very painful to touch for a time, which is hardly surprising.

How long do broken nose black eyes last?

Generally, people have bruising over their nose and under their eyes for a couple of weeks before it starts to subside. This can vary slightly from person to person and it may also take slightly longer to get rid of the bruising when it is more severe.

Caring for your broken nose can usually be done at home. However, if you experience any problems or you are concerned your nose is no longer straight, you should seek advice at your local casualty department. Applying an ice pack to your nose will help with swelling and assist in bringing out the bruising. You’ll look worse, but the pain can be helped by doing this.

The typical broken nose black eyes can make you feel very self-conscious, but if you take photos of your injuries, they can help support a claim if you wish to make one. This is an uncomfortable injury and you might also suffer a lack of sleep. You may not be able to work for a time afterwards either, depending on the job you do. Anything very physical may not be recommended by the doctor once you have sought treatment.

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