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Do you have a broken nose with bridge damage?

A broken nose can occur in anyone who receives a heavy blow to the nose, or if they fall awkwardly and end up landing on their face, breaking their nose in the process. Quite often, the break will be a clean one and the nose will not be out of shape. The fracture will heal naturally and any swelling and bruising (both typical with broken noses) will go down in a week or two. However, sometimes a broken nose with bridge damage will occur, and in this case, further treatment will be required.

If the break occurs at an awkward place or throws the nose out of alignment, it can mean damage to the bridge of the nose occurs. If this happens, you may notice your nose looks crooked compared with how it looked before.

What should you do if you have a broken nose with bridge damage?

If you notice your nose isn’t in the same position it used to be after you break it, you should see your GP or go to your nearest A&E department. It will need to be reset quickly before the break begins to heal. The sooner treatment is received, the easier it will be to make sure the injury does not lead to any permanent disfigurement.

You might also reasonably wonder whether someone else was responsible for your broken nose and the subsequent treatment required. If you were in an accident and you know you did not cause it, you may realise someone else did this, in a car accident, for example.

How easy is it to claim for a broken nose with bridge damage?

If you can claim compensation for a broken nose, the lawyers representing the third party involved in the accident will negotiate with your lawyer to determine how much you are entitled to. If you had to have surgery because of the break and damage to the bridge of your nose, it is possible this could be considered, along with any lost earnings relating to the treatment and injury.

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