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Broken femur

Can a broken femur cause knee pain?

The femur is the bone that makes up the thigh area and if it is broken then it can cause pain in various areas of the leg depending on your physical activity and the severity of the break. It is noticeable when there has been a break or fracture of the femur bone, because there will be a sharp and sudden pain at the point of the injury. Weight being placed on the leg will be impossible and the pain levels will be high on all sides of the thigh if it is a severe injury. If the injury is less severe then the pain may subside with rest, or there might be an ache that will be felt greatly in the morning or the night before.

In answer to the question, yes, a broken femur or even a fractured femur can cause pain not only in the knee but in the ankle, lower leg, hip and buttocks. Generally, pain will be mostly centred around the thigh area though. Swelling and bruising at the location of the break on the femur is also a common symptom of the injury.

When can a broken femur cause knee pain?

It is important to be aware of your movements after a broken femur, as particular movements can cause intense pain in the knee or hip region when you are walking, sitting or trying to stand up. On the odd occasion, the injured person may also feel pins and needles or a feeling of numbness in the foot, ankle, thigh or knee.

In order to get a proper diagnosis of your injury, a medical practitioner should be consulted and the first step is usually to get an X-ray to see what the injury is and how severe it is. A physiotherapist will also often need to be consulted for an examination and to help with the diagnosis. In some cases, a further investigation into the injury will be needed with a CT scan, MRI or a bone scan.

Can a broken femur cause knee pain and make you eligible for a compensation claim?

If you have a broken femur that was caused by someone else, then you may be eligible to make a compensation claim with Accident Advice Helpline. contact us and discuss your situation with one of our friendly advisers. Just dial 0800 689 5659. Our initial advice is completely free.