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What if your broken arm hurts years later after an accident?

For most people, a broken arm will eventually become nothing more than a distant memory. However, for some, there could be issues that are left over even years after the injury occurred. When your broken arm hurts years later, it can be frustrating and bring back memories of how you broke it.

One important aspect to note is whether you could get compensation for an arm injury that is still causing you problems years later. Remember, there is a three-year limit on claims made for compensation following personal injuries, so make sure you claim within this limit.

When a broken arm still hurts years later?

Firstly, talk to your doctor. There could be an obvious reason why you are experiencing pain, and it could be something that can easily be resolved. They may recommend you see a physiotherapist to treat the arm, and this may result in a better outcome. Gaining additional strength in that arm may help, for example. Conversely, simply moving it in a series of exercises recommended to you may have a good outcome.

In a small minority of cases, people may experience issues with the broken arm for many years after the accident. This is more likely to happen if the break was a severe one, for example if it required surgery to fix the bones back together again.

What might you receive if your claim was successful?

This is difficult to gauge, because it depends on the individual case. However, if your broken arm hurts years later and it is still within the three-year limit for claims, do seek some advice. Some people may not want to try and make a claim initially, but instead will wait to see what happens to their arm and whether they have any ongoing problems. The time limit in force allows for people to recover, at least partially, before putting in a claim if they decide to do so.

Accident Advice Helpline can be here when it counts, on 0800 689 5659. Even if you are unsure about claiming, you may still benefit from our expert and no-obligation advice. For a suitably quick answer, try the online test you’ll find here on our site, too. It is one of the easiest ways to see if you could claim something.