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Why a broken arm causes hand swelling

If you ever have a broken arm, hand swelling probably wouldn’t be one of the first symptoms you’d expect to feel. It’s more common to read about severe pain in the arm, an inability to move it, and swelling around the site of the injury.

With that said, it is perfectly possible to notice and feel your hand swelling as well in the affected arm. Swelling means you’re likely to feel more pain, too, because you won’t be able to move your hand too much without it hurting. When you visit your nearest A&E department to get an x-ray to confirm you’ve broken your arm, make sure you mention all the symptoms you are experiencing.

How to combat broken arm hand swelling

This occurs because of the original injury, since swelling probably won’t be confined to the immediate area where the break happened. You may well notice a fluid build-up in that area, and this can make your rings tight and limit the movement of your fingers.

Resting and elevating the broken arm will help, so bear this in mind as you start to heal. Of course, you should always take whatever advice your doctors give you before doing anything else. Compression wraps are also noted to help reduce swelling. If your arm is in plaster, you should still be able to use these on your hand. When you are in bed at night, use pillows next to you to rest your arm on as you sleep. This will keep your arm nicely elevated and very comfortable too (it might also help reduce any pain you feel).

Remember to exercise

You do need to let your arm heal, but that doesn’t mean you can practise some simple exercises to keep your hand mobile. Not only will this help reduce the broken arm hand swelling you have, it will also help increase your circulation, and that means healing will be easier as fresh blood gets to the areas where it is needed most.

To find out more about a possible compensation claim relating to your broken arm, hand swelling and other symptoms, you can call 0800 689 5659 to speak to someone at Accident Advice Helpline. You could soon learn whether a no win no fee claim could be worth making after suffering your broken arm.