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I broke my leg after slipping on oil at work — can I claim?

Slipping on oil at work is sadly quite a common form of accident. There will always be hazards in the workplace but it is the employer’s duty to keep workers safe. As long as the employer knew about the spilled oil or could reasonably anticipate it being there, and no serious effort was made to warn you about it, you should be able to claim.

What you will need

Any claim relating to an accident requires proof of injury, so in the case of a broken leg the process is actually more straightforward than it is with more minor injuries and you are unlikely to need a further medical assessment. It will be helpful if you can find witnesses to your accident or people who saw the spilled oil just before you slipped on it. If you can do this, you should take their details and give them to your solicitor, who will take formal statements from them. You will need to take action within three years of your accident in order to have a valid claim.

Where to start?

How do you find a solicitor?  At Accident Advice Helpline, we can help with that. Our highly trained staff are available 24/7 so you can call whenever you’re ready. They’ll discuss your claim with you and, if they think it’s valid, put you in touch with a solicitor who specialises in workplace accidents. Having this expertise on your side will significantly increase your chance of claiming successfully as claims for slipping on oil at work need to be made with reference to similar cases.

We realise that it’s difficult to get around with a broken leg so we won’t ask you to attend any meetings. You should be able to deal with your solicitor entirely over the phone, with any documents you need to sign delivered to you by courier. Your solicitor will do their best to keep you from having to appear in court.

If your claim is successful, you can expect to receive a sum of money to compensate you for your injury, help with any medical costs not covered by the NHS, and compensation for any wages lost whilst you’ve been unable to work. If your injury is likely to cause you long term problems you can get help with the cost of adapting your home to make these easier to live with.

Worried about work?

Many people worry about claiming against their employers because they fear they could lose their jobs as a result, or they think the atmosphere at work will be uncomfortable afterwards. In fact, the law protects most workers from being fired for this reason and many of the people whose complaints we handle go back to work with no problems.

Most workplace accidents are covered by employers’ liability insurance, which means that your claim won’t hurt the organisation you work for. By drawing attention to the problem of spilled oil, you make it more likely that proper care will be taken in future, making the workplace safer for everybody.