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Bristol accident at work claim

Workers in Bristol have a right to feel safe while they are doing their job. There is never any good excuse for being injured during the course of your work, and when someone else was responsible for your accident, you might be looking into a Bristol accident at work claim.

making a claim following a workplace accident doesn’t have to be complicated or stressful. Our expert solicitors are perfectly placed to help anyone from Bristol with an accident at work claim, and have an enviable track record of success in this highly complex area of law.

Your rights as an employee

As an employee, whether you work in an office, a factory, on a building site or in a shop, you have the same rights to expect to undertake your work in a safe, healthy environment. This may mean you need to:

  • Undertake training in order to do your job
  • Have regular briefings on health and safety at work
  • Be provided with protective clothing or equipment
  • Have your tools and machinery regularly serviced
  • Work with your colleagues to ensure a safe working environment

If something has gone wrong, and you’ve been put at risk, you should not turn a blind eye to the situation. There is no job role where being injured at work is ‘all part of the job’, so don’t take accidents lying down.

When you’ve suffered because someone at your workplace didn’t do enough to keep you safe, you can and should make a Bristol accident at work claim. Our solicitors are highly experienced in this area of law, and are the best people to have on your side in this type of situation.

Can you afford not to make a Bristol accident at work claim?

The prospect of claiming after an accident at work can be, understandably, daunting. However, we are here to help from start to finish. If you’ve been hurt in the workplace, it’s not fair that you should have to shoulder the burden of losing income, and the potential costs associated with your treatment and medicines. A claim against your employer could redress the balance, and give you a valuable financial cushion while you are recovering from your injury.

Not only that, but by taking steps to make a Bristol accident at work claim, you will be ensuring your employer takes what happened to you seriously. They will be forced to improve health and safety in the workplace, so you could be partly responsible for keeping your colleagues and future workers safer too.

We take all our claims on a no win no fee basis, so whether you’re flush for cash or scraping around the coffers, you can access the very best legal representation regardless. There’s nothing to pay to start your claim, and no big legal bills to worry about if your case is unsuccessful. Call us today on 0800 689 5659 , and see how easy making a claim can be.