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Brain injury claim

Being involved in an accident that results in a brain injury is devastating both for the victim and their family. Sometimes the injury does not have any effect until days or weeks later, when the victim suddenly starts to feel sick or dizzy. It is important to get medical advice following a bump on the head, even if it seems insignificant, as problems may well arise when least expected. Making a successful brain injury claim with the help of our specialist lawyers, will help to take away some of the stress of the situation, for three good reasons:

1. Compensation can replace lost income

It can take months to recover from a brain injury, and some accident victims never recover fully, so the brain injury claim compensation can be used to replace lost income and prevent you having to take drastic measures such as selling your house.

A full-time income may be reduced to a part-time income if the victim of the accident cannot work the same number of hours they used to. A head injury can cause tiredness and an inability to concentrate, so it may not be possible to work in the same job as before the accident.

2. It can be used to buy specialist equipment or treatment

Full compensation from a brain injury claim may be needed to purchase equipment to enable the victim to continue living at home. If mobility has been affected by the injury, equipment such as hoists for over the bed or bath, or maybe an electric wheelchair will enhance the quality of life for the victim and their carers.

Specialist treatment may not be available on the NHS, so a successful brain injury claim will enable the victim to increase their chances of a normal life, rather than suffer permanent damage as the result of the accident.

3. no win no fee brain injury claim

There are no upfront legal fees to pay and you get to keep every penny of the compensation to aid your recovery in any way you wish. Our specialist lawyers all operate on a no win no fee basis, and although claim amounts cannot be guaranteed, Accident Advice Helpline deal with more than 350,000 cases every year, so what you can guarantee is our vast experience.

Wherever you live, our network of independent specialist legal partners are available to help you. Whether you have suffered a head injury as the result of a car or motorbike accident that was not your fault, making a brain injury claim for compensation will be a positive step in the right direction. Give our 24-hour helpline a call to see if you are eligible to make a claim today.