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Most bizarre health & safety cases: Royal British Legion stops offering pins with poppies

Health and safety rules and regulations are designed to prevent various injuries in public places, or work-related accidents, for instance. Such rules are generally based on common sense and created to protect the public and/or employees against personal injuries with potentially serious consequences. In some cases, however, safety precautions do seem to be a little over-cautious, to say the least.

The case of ‘no more pins with poppies’

One such case emerged as far back as 2003, when the Royal British Legion was first advised to hand out poppy stickers, as opposed to poppies and pins, to children. As the debate about how much injury a pin can actually cause continues, defenders of this policy point out that potentially severe injuries may be caused to babies getting hold of and accidentally swallowing pins. Another risk of serious injuries appears to threaten employees, with pins dropping into industrial machinery, for example, having the potential to cause somewhat more serious accidents at work than simple pin stabbings.

Preventing pin-related accidents

Although such accidents are rare, they are none the less real, and as a result, Royal British Legion volunteers handing out poppies are now encouraged to eliminate the need for pins by placing poppies into buttonholes. Just in case this is not possible, they have also been instructed in minimising pin injuries by securely fastening poppies and pins into clothing.

Slips, trips and falls

While all this seems extreme at best, some rules do make perfect sense. Rules designed to prevent members of the public being injured by falling, slipping or tripping, for example, legally require that authorities, companies, shop owners and so on take all necessary precautions to prevent such accidental injuries.

Public liability compensation

Should a person be injured by slipping, tripping or falling because such precautions were not taken, the injured individual has the legal right to claim for personal injury compensation against the authority, company or individual responsible for their accident. Such claims for compensation can be initiated by contacting the Accident Advice Helpline.

Accident Advice Helpline

A law firm with almost 14 years of experience in handling compensation claims, the Accident Advice Helpline offers legal assistance with claims processes on a no win no fee basis. The company’s advice line is available 24/7 and manned by experienced, helpful and friendly staff members. All calls to this line are strictly confidential and free from obligation to pursue claims with the company.