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Best no win no fee solicitors

If you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence or fault, you may have a mountain of expenses in front of you. It is hard to have to deal with the pain of your injuries, the costs involved, and then on top of all that to wonder where the money is going to come from to hire a solicitor to handle your case. The answer is simple – hire a no win no fee solicitor!

What can the Best no win no fee Solicitors do for me?

A no win no fee agreement is made with a solicitor who is pursuing your claim for compensation and states that if your claim is not successful you will not be liable to pay anything to your solicitor for his time and costs. Basically the solicitor only gets paid if you win! In this way you are not taking any risks in filing the claim and you do not have to pay out at the beginning while you are still dealing with other expenses and issues.

What is involved in the agreement with the Best no win no fee Solicitors?

The agreement will include a number of factors. First it will state when the agreement begins. It will also lay out all the costs for the solicitor in the event the case is won. Fees often have two components – an hourly amount for time spent, and a success fee for winning which is typically a percentage. There may also be a component for reimbursement of costs such as charges to obtain medical reports or barrister fees.

Will I pay a higher amount with the Best no win no fee Solicitors over other payment arrangements?

Typically, yes you will because the solicitor is taking on the risk of the case not collecting a sufficient amount to fully compensate them for their time. They set their fees higher for this type of agreement to cover this uncertainty. It is still better to pay out a higher percentage of a win than to not be able to file at all because one lacks the funds to proceed.

What is the success fee in the Best no win no fee Solicitors based upon?

Normally the success fee is stated as a percentage of the normal hourly fee. For example, the success fee may be assessed at 50% above the hourly rate. This then represents the amount that using this type of agreement is actually costing you in the case of a win. While this may sound like quite an increase, keep in mind that if your claim succeeds it is likely that the person at fault for the  accident have to compensate you for your personal injuries.

Finding the best no win no fee solicitor may be the best thing you can do if you don’t have the money to put up front for your legal case. To locate one, just call us at the Accident Advice Helpline, because we’re prepared to help!