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Benign pleural effusion claim

Making a benign pleural effusion claim – some FAQs

Q: What is benign pleural effusion?

Benign pleural effusion is not in itself a disease. It is not always possible to ascertain the exact cause of benign pleural effusion; however it can be a result of many conditions including kidney or heart failure, bacterial, fungal and viral infections, inflammations, pulmonary embolisms, metastatic tumours, Hodgkin disease and mesothelioma.

Our lungs and chest cavities are lined with a thin membrane, called the pleura. Our body produces pleural liquid in small amounts to lubricate the walls of the pleura. Occasionally, however, excess levels of fluid can be produced and collect in the pleural cavity, which is known as benign pleural effusion. If you suffer from this condition you could make a benign pleural effusion claim if the disease was caused by someone else.

Q: What symptoms will I suffer if I have benign pleural effusion?

A: The most common symptoms of benign pleural effusion are chest pain and difficulty breathing. Other symptoms are shortness of breath, a cough, rapid breathing and hiccups.

Q: Can I make a benign pleural effusion claim?

A: If you are suffering the effects of a benign pleural effusion and you can prove that it has occurred as a result of the job you have been doing or the location in which you have been working, then you might be entitled to make a benign pleural effusion claim.

Q: Can Accident Advice Helpline give me an indication of how much compensation I might receive if I make a benign pleural effusion claim?

A: Yes we can. By using the claim calculator on our website, you will be able to have an idea as to whether or not you are entitled to make a claim and an indication of how much money you may receive if you make a benign pleural effusion claim.

Q: Can I speak to someone in person?

A: Yes you can.  Our friendly, approachable advisors will be happy to discuss your circumstances and answer any questions you might have about making a benign pleural effusion claim. Because we know that you might need to speak to someone outside standard office hours, you can call our helpline free on 0800 689 5659.

Q: If I make a benign pleural effusion claim through Accident Advice Helpline, will I have access to an expert lawyer?

A: Yes you will. We are one of the country’s leading personal injury law firms with over sixteen  years’ experience in dealing with personal injury compensation cases, many of which involve work-related accidents or illnesses. In seeking compensation for a benign pleural effusion claim through us you will benefit from access to expert lawyers who operate on a no win no fee basis. We will find you a lawyer who has experience of working on behalf of clients with asbestos-related illnesses, who will able to help you receive the financial compensation package which you deserve.