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How you could become involved in a plane accident

When you think about how you could become involved in a plane accident you usually think about catastrophic mechanical failures that result in the plane crashing on take-off or landing or when it is mid-flight. Obviously, this type of plane accident does occur but they are extremely rare. You have probably heard the old saying that you are more likely to get hurt crossing the road than when you are flying in a plane – and it is perfectly true. However, there are other more common ways in which you can have an accident on a plane and very nasty injuries can result.

Wondering how you could become involved in a plane accident?

You are more likely to get hurt when you are getting onto or off the aeroplane than when you are sat on it. You may suffer a slip, trip or fall as you are using the stairs and very nasty injuries can be the result. You can also trip as you are moving around inside the plane.

If this has happened to you, and you think that you were not to blame, you may be able to start a personal injury claim. The aeroplane operator may be at fault if your accident was caused by a mechanical problem or by wear and tear that was not spotted. There may also be issues with policies, procedures or staff training. It is important that your accident is investigated thoroughly so that the facts can be ascertained.

If you have had an accident on an aeroplane, or as you were getting on or off the aeroplane, you should report it immediately and get some medical attention. Then, when you are ready, you can seek some legal advice about making a claim.

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