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Avoiding scaffolding, ladder, or trench digging accidents

Many accidents at work can be avoided by good safety practices, common sense and by taking care.

There are things, which can be done for avoiding scaffolding, ladder or trench digging accidents, which are among the most common building site accidents.

For example, wearing hard hats and the correct protective clothing, including boots and gloves, is a must on all sites and should be provided for workers.

One of the most dangerous areas to work on a construction site is scaffolding, where the risk of falling or being hit by dropped objects is high.

To help cut down the risk of accidents scaffolding should only be put up by qualified erectors. Walking boards should be in place and secured, with guardrails and warning signs prominent. Tools and other objects should not be left lying around to help avoid the risk of them being dislodged and falling.

Warning signs should be clearly displayed at the bottom of the scaffolding area and wherever possible people should not be allowed to walk directly under scaffolding.

Ladders are widely used on constructions sites and are another common cause of accidents.

Anyone working on ladders should be correctly attired with a hard hat, non-slip boots and gloves.

The ladder should be secured top and bottom to avoid it slipping and warning signs clearly visible at the bottom to advise people to walk around them.

Trench digging poses a risk to workers with the risk of the sides collapsing, people falling in the trench or objects or plants dropping onto workers.

Good ways to avoid these accidents include ensuring no plant or machinery is too close to the trench and warning signs are clear and prominent. The trench should be edged by boards and the correct support beams and/or guard rails in place where necessary.

All trenches need to be inspected before a new shift to ensure they are safe and secure and with one cubic meter weighing around one ton, no area of excavated ground can be relied upon to be entirely safe.

If Attempts to Avoid Scaffolding, Ladder, Or Trench Digging Accidents Have Failed

Making a work accident compensation claim

If an accident at work still occurs despite taking precautions claimants can use Accident Advice Helpline to make a compensation claim for a construction site injury as long as it was not their own fault.

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