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Slip and fall settlement amounts

If you have been injured after a slip and fall, you may be looking to make a claim for personal injury compensation – and if somebody else caused your accident, you are perfectly entitled to do so. Slip and fall settlement amounts can vary so much that it is very difficult to give an average amount that you could receive. Even asking a personal injury lawyer for advice will result in a rough guide to what you could claim, as every personal injury claim is handled on an individual basis, taking into account a number of different factors. You may be surprised at just how common slips and falls are – in fact these types of accidents accounted for 19% of all injuries at work between 2015 and 2016, according to the HSE.

What are the most common injuries after a slip and fall?

Whilst you could suffer a serious head or spinal injury after a slip and fall, minor injuries are far more common. You could break your ankle or wrist, suffer a dislocated shoulder, knock out your teeth or suffer from cuts and bruises from the impact of the fall. You can make a claim for compensation even for minor injuries, provided you needed medical attention. One man slipped on a grape in supermarket and received £10,000 in compensation, whilst the retailer responsible was ordered to pay £18,000 in legal costs.

If you have suffered more serious injuries, then you could be entitled to a larger settlement, and slip and fall settlement amounts will take into account the severity of your injuries. It’s not uncommon to suffer a back injury after slipping and falling, on a wet floor, for example. You could fracture your tail bone or your upper extremities, suffer injuries to your back muscles, ligaments and tendons or even fracture vertebrae in your back, which can lead to a slipped disc or spinal cord injury. Head and neck injuries are also not uncommon amongst victims of slips and falls. At Accident Advice Helpline, we will take into account a number of different factors when we work out how much compensation you are entitled to, including the severity of your injuries, any care or treatment you have needed or will need in future, and any financial losses that you have suffered, such as loss of earnings.

How do slips, trips and falls happen?

You could be injured in a slip and fall at work, in a public place or even whilst crossing the road. The most common cause of slips and falls at work is poor housekeeping, which can mean different things to different people. Things like trailing cables, poor lighting, uneven floors, unsuitable flooring and even poor lighting could all lead to a slip and fall, and if you are injured in an accident at work then your employer could be held liable. This is because they have a duty of care to ensure that you are safe whilst you are working on their premises, and if they fail to do so, or if they breach health and safety regulations, you could make a claim for personal injury compensation after your accident.

You could be injured whilst working in a shop, an office, a factory or even in a warehouse, if your employer does not take health and safety seriously, and you may need to take time off work to recover from your injuries, which can affect you financially. Did you know that slips and falls account for 15% of all accidental deaths at work? If a loved one has been killed in a workplace accident, you could make a claim on their behalf, but bear in mind that slip and fall settlement amounts will vary depending on the circumstances of their accident.

What if you’re injured in a public place?

Slips and falls can happen in public too. You could slip on a wet floor in a shopping centre or trip on damaged pavement in the town centre. Perhaps you’ve slipped on uneven flooring at your local leisure centre or unsuitable floor coverings at your local cinema, sustaining serious injuries. Slip and fall settlement amounts take into account the treatment you need for your injuries, so if, for example, you have suffered a back injury that requires surgery, you will be compensated for your time off work and loss of earnings as well as the cost of any medical treatment or medication you need.

Why do slip and fall settlement amounts vary?

Accident Advice Helpline assesses every personal injury claim on an individual basis, which is why slip and fall settlement amounts vary so much. You’ll find that any reputable personal injury solicitor will do the same, which means it’s almost impossible to know in advance exactly how much compensation you could get for your injuries. The good news is that you can use the 30-second calculator on our website to give you an idea of what you might be entitled to, which could give you the push you need to make that claim. There is a three-year time limit in place to make a claim, so it’s a good idea to contact us as soon as you can after your accident. We will look at the severity of your injuries, your time off work, your recovery period and a number of other factors to ensure your slips and fall settlement amount is accurate.

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