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Average payout for broken 5th metacarpal

Our hands and fingers contain many small bones, but that doesn’t make it any less painful if you break one. You may know this first hand if you have been searching for information on the average payout for broken 5th metacarpal because you’ve experienced this injury yourself. A broken hand can happen in several ways, including:

  • In a fall
  • In an accident where the hand is crushed, i.e. if a door is slammed on it
  • In a road accident

It’s understandable to want to know the average payout for broken 5th metacarpal, but averages are not of much use in this instance. Your broken hand could mean you have suffered a hairline fracture, or it could be far more serious, with one end of the bone sticking through the skin. The severity of the fracture will help determine any compensation you may receive if you can prove someone else caused your accident to happen. Negligence is the important thing to remember here, as it must be proven no matter how mild or severe your broken hand is. Thus, the average payout for broken 5th metacarpal may be very different from what you could receive, either coming in higher or lower than the average.

Where is the 5th metacarpal?

The metacarpal bones – of which there are five in each hand – lead up to each finger. The 5th metacarpal is on the outside of your hand, immediately below the knuckle of your little finger. It’s a common bone to break, particularly if you fall on your hand and land awkwardly, putting a lot of weight on it as you go. You may also break it if you are in an accident whereby something falls onto your hand and is heavy enough to break the bone. Any crushing accident that affects your hand could also break the 5th metacarpal.

Taking the right steps if you suspect you’ve broken your hand

This applies to all instances where you think you may have broken a bone in your hand, not just to the 5th metacarpal. You will probably see some swelling around the break, around your knuckle and along the side of your hand. It will likely be painful and you will be unable to move it as you normally would.

It is wise to seek medical help if you think you have broken this bone, because it will require treatment to ensure it sets properly and doesn’t cause you any problems in the future. If you were injured in an accident, you should also have the presence of mind to take photos of your injury, or get someone else to do it for you. Anyone wishing to know the average payout for broken 5th metacarpal should have as much evidence as they can to try and prove negligence, as this will help any claim they wish to try and make.

Treatment for the broken bone will be one of two types – surgical or non-surgical. The relevant decision in your case will depend on the severity of the break, whether the bones need to be reset in the right position and whether they require wires and screws to help them heal in the right place.

Health and safety at work

Broken bones in the hand can happen in all kinds of ways, as we’ve seen. One area worth looking at is the workplace, because health and safety rules here can reduce the odds of anything like this happening. In some cases, protective gloves may prevent such injuries taking place. Other steps may include reducing the chances of anything falling onto a person’s hands, and ensuring no situation exists where a person could get their hands caught in machinery or other similar things.

If you’ve suffered this injury at work, think about how it happened. Some of those who contact us asking about the average payout for broken 5th metacarpal have had the injury at work, and the more details you can give us, the easier it will be to determine if a compensation claim would be warranted.

Slips, trips, falls and crushing accidents

You could also suffer the injury in other instances. A slip or trip can easily lead to a fall, and if you land awkwardly you can fracture one or more bones in your hands. If you can’t manage to get your hand flat on the ground before you fall, the odds of breaking that 5th metacarpal can become more likely. So, there are lots of elements that come into play when you want to know the average payout for broken 5th metacarpal.

Fortunately, we may be able to provide the answers you have been looking for. For over 16 years, Accident Advice Helpline has been helping people understand whether negligence on the part of a third party could have been to blame for their injuries. Not all cases of broken bones are clearly caused by negligence. For example, in some cases, no one else was present when the injury occurred. Yet if you slipped over on ice that should have been cleared from the car park and pedestrian walkways surrounding a shop, for instance, this could be negligence on the part of the land owner or shop owner. That’s why it is always worth benefiting from our advice whenever you can.

More useful than the average payout for broken 5th metacarpal

So, even though we may not be able to provide details regarding the average payout for broken 5th metacarpal, we can provide expert advice that is given without obligation. That means you have a chance to see if a no win no fee claim may result in you receiving compensation. To find out more, call 0800 689 5659 to now to find out if you can use our services. One of our personal injury lawyers will be able to assist you and tell you more about how the process works. A no win no fee claim could lead to the right result for you, and you can find the answers you are searching for here today.