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Average compensation for a broken foot

If you’ve broken your foot while on the job, you may be wondering about the average compensation for a broken foot. The amount of compensation you could receive for suffering a broken foot at work often depends on the severity of the injury and who was at fault.

Accidents at work are unfortunately a regular occurrence in any type of job – every workplace has its own unique hazards and if your company doesn’t deal with them in an effective manner it can lead to injuries and accidents. Suffering a broken foot is just one example and falls under the Employer’s Liability area of law – one of Accident Advice Helpline’s specialist areas of personal injury compensation.

What is the average compensation for a broken foot?

Every employer is required by law to ensure their environment is safe and the risk of suffering from an accident at work is minimal. This could mean undertaking continual hazard checks, providing suitable safety equipment or regular training. If your employer has ignored this basic duty of care, and doesn’t comply with health and safety laws, you may have a strong case to claim compensation for your broken foot and receive a substantial settlement.

Accidents in the workplace can vary drastically depending on what your job involves. In the past we have dealt with cases of employees suffering a broken foot that involved:

  • Defective machinery
  • Improper manual/heavy lifting techniques
  • Lack of machinery training

Because the foot has a very delicate structure, with many tiny bones often being at risk of a further break or fracture if stress is put on it, it’s important that you don’t rush back to employment after an accident at work as your broken foot may not be fully healed. As this is the case, we are often able to claim for any loss of earnings you may suffer as a result.

Accident Advice Helpline work on a no win no fee basis – meaning if you don’t receive a compensation settlement for your broken foot you don’t pay our lawyer’s legal fees.

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