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Average claim for an ankle injury

Average claim for an ankle injury

Unfortunately, many people suffer ankle injuries which affect their mobility, yet many do not realise they may be eligible to make a claim for compensation. We are here to help you find out the worth of compensation for an average claim for ankle injury.

The worth of an average claim for an ankle injury

To make an ankle injury claim you must have been injured in the past three years and the accident must have been somebody else’s fault. Generally we can only help you if your injury required medical attention. If the ankle injury happened in a public place such as an uneven pavement, the local council will have public liability insurance to cover any compensation claims. An ankle injury in any public place will generally be covered by public liability insurance. We have specialist solicitors to deal with each type of case.

The average claim worth for an ankle injury can vary depending upon the severity of the ankle injury. As a general rule, if your ankle was injured as a direct result of someone’s negligence then you might be entitled to make a claim for compensation for your ankle injury.

You may be eligible to claim for personal injury and loss of earnings, especially if your ankle injury has affected your ability to work. Part of an employer’s responsibility is to have work liability insurance. Your ankle injury claim will be covered by that.

Common scenarios where individuals are able to receive the average claim price for an ankle injury include:

• Being involved in an accident at work

• Being involved in a road traffic accident

• Falling or tripping on an unsafe pavement

To discuss your eligibility to claim compensation and find out the average claim price for an ankle injury, simply contact Accident Advice Helpline for friendly and professional advice.

Common types of ankle injuries include:

• Ankle sprains – This can involve stress or damage to the ligaments which support the ankle and can be extremely painful and debilitating.

• Ankle strains – Commonly affecting the tendons embedded within the ankle structure, a tendon strain is often one of the most excruciating ankle injuries experienced.

• Fractures -This relates to a break in one or more bones in the ankle area. Often, an ankle injury encompasses fractures, strains and sprains and can lead to loss of mobility for long periods of time, adversely affecting everyday life and earning capacity.

If you have suffered an ankle injury as a result of someone else’s negligence or breach of health and safety legislation, it is imperative that you contact Accident Advice Helpline immediately to get the average claim price for an ankle injury.

Alternatively, you can complete the free 30-second test™ on this site which will indicate your capacity for claiming compensation for your ankle injury.

Accident Advice Helpline work on a no win no fee basis so you can be assured you will receive the most professional and friendly advice from people who truly care. Our advisors will be able to indicate the average claim worth for an ankle injury and will assist you throughout the entire claims process.

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