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Armed Forces compensation calculator

If you arrived here because you were looking for an Armed Forces compensation calculator, it could be because you were injured in an accident that was not your fault. No one who joins the Armed Forces does so because they expect it to be easy or safe – the very nature of some of the work our soldiers, sailors, and pilots do is dangerous. However, if you were hurt in an accident that should not have happened and could have been prevented, it is reasonable that you might want to look for an Armed Forces compensation calculator.

According to official government figures, UK Forces personnel amounted to 197,150 people at 1st December, 2016. This is 340 higher than on the same date in 2015. This is, however, 4.3% under the required number, otherwise known as the liability of the forces. This is only marginally higher than the previous year.

What is the AFCS?

If you are, or have been, in the Armed Forces, you may know about the AFCS. This stands for the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme, and it is known as a no-fault scheme. This basically means that if you were injured or made ill through your work in service, you may potentially receive compensation from the scheme. However, there would be no admission of liability in association with that payment.

The scheme applies to injuries and illnesses (as well as cases where people have died) that occurred on or following the date of 6th April 2005. Before this date, the War Pension Scheme is used to consider any potential claims.

Use our Armed Forces compensation calculator to find out how much you could claim?

There are lots of calculators online that can help you work out compensation amounts that could potentially be paid out if you were injured or suffered an illness while at work, or in some other accident or situation. An Armed Forces compensation calculator works in much the same way as these, except it is focused on serving or former members of one of the Armed Forces.

It’s common to find yourself injured or sick and not to know where to turn or what to do. In some cases, it is easy to tell whether negligence was the cause of your predicament, but this doesn’t always apply. So, even if you use an Armed Forces compensation calculator, and you read some more about the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme, you may still be unsure how to proceed. Incidentally, the Royal British Legion has useful information on how they can help beneficiaries of someone who was affected, and who might have a case to make for compensation.

However, it is a good idea to remember that calculators of any kind can only give you an approximate idea of what you could potentially be paid for your injuries or illness. There are many elements that can influence any payment granted, hence why it is always best to speak with a qualified lawyer who has experience of dealing with such cases. It is only right that you should want to know how much you might receive, how you can apply, and how you should proceed. The Turn 2 Us website has useful details on some of the most frequently asked questions people have in these situations.

What could you potentially claim for?

If you have been injured or suffered an illness while in service, and you believe your problems were caused through negligence, you have a right to find out whether that is correct, and whether you could therefore claim compensation for what you went through. Just as with any other compensation claim for personal injury or illness, you must prove negligence was indeed the reason. In the case of working within the Armed Forces, your injury or illness may potentially have occurred during training, while on base, or while away on active duty. The services have a responsibility to look after the health and well-being of their staff just as every other employer does, which is why it is worth considering your position if something has happened to you.

Another commonality that applies here is the level of compensation determined for the injury or illness you have. For example, a broken limb would not be granted as much in compensation as the loss of a limb. Mental anguish, stress, and other psychological problems could also potentially be claimed for, as these can also be debilitating each day. Always seek advice from your own GP if you can, or visit a services doctor or advisor if you are on duty and have been hurt or you have fallen ill. This can all be used as evidence for your claim if you do go ahead and make one.

One of the main priorities of the Ministry of Defence from 2015 through until 2020 is to ‘protect our people’. Thankfully, most in the Armed Forces will never have cause to use an Armed Forces compensation calculator, but it is good to know one is available should you ever need it.

Can we provide the legal help you are searching for?

If you have read this far, you may want more assistance than simply the figures gleaned from inputting your details into an Armed Forces compensation calculator. We can help. When you call Accident Advice Helpline on 0800 689 5659 you can speak with someone who has experience of dealing with similar claims. Don’t leave it too late to call or to make a claim – our lawyers can guide you through what may happen and how you can go about claiming via the compensation scheme mentioned above.

If you have never had any cause to find out about this before, it can be difficult to press ahead and to learn more about it. So, take the easy route and find out whether we can help you today. We’re here to provide experience, no-obligation advice, and all the support you need.