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Ankle injury compensation

If there is an upside to injuring your ankle surely it is that you are told to take lots of rest and keep your foot elevated. During the time you are sat you could be making progress on the claim for ankle injury compensation which can’t be a bad thing, or can it? As we will explore there is a balance that needs to be found between rest and elevating the damaged appendage and keeping the body moving.

Recent research has confirmed that too much sitting around is really bad for the body, apart from the obvious couch potato syndrome where little or no exercise causes a raft of health issues. This discovery is more aimed at those who perhaps sit at a desk for six hours at a time with no movement, can take years off people’s lives and lead to a multitude of health related issues. So there is cautionary tale for those filling in their ankle injury compensation forms.

People who sit for prolonged periods of time can have higher blood pressure which can lead to heart disease. When sitting still for six hours the body burns less calories that of course is obvious, what might not be so obvious is that calorie burning does not level out this actually works in a really odd way.

So if in the first hour you burn 1 calorie a minute less than if you were exercising in the second hour you would burn 2 calories a minute and this keeps increasing. It is no wonder then that there is an increase in type 2 diabetes. People who sit still for six hours or more per day for several years at a time can knock 7 years off their life expectancy.  All of these effects can be halted in an instant.

What is the answer? Get up and move around for a few minutes at least once an hour, it is not healthy to have a working lunch and eat at your desk, go out for a walk. For those filling in ankle injury compensation forms there is of course the need to obey the doctors’ orders, but it might be advisable to get up and move around, at least once an hour.

For those filling in claim forms if you have any sense you will be filling in your ankle injury compensation form with the help of your solicitor. There is an assumption that your expert solicitor will be from one of our many partners of Accident Advice Helpline who specialise in advising people who have been involved in an accident of some description by putting them in contact with some of the best lawyers and legal experts in the country.

So whether you are filling in your ankle injury compensation form, or whether you are sat at your desk at work, or strangely enough even the couch potato can greatly reduce the risk of health issues caused by sitting for prolonged periods of time, by simply getting up once an hour and moving around for a few minutes.

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