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Why you should always wear gloves when applying first aid

You should always wear gloves when applying first aid. To help deal with accidents and injuries at work, most offices have a number of nominated first aiders. These members of staff will be sent on first aid training to learn how to act in the aftermath of a workplace accident.

Why you need to wear gloves when applying first aid

Of course, going on a first aid training course can only do so much. You need to have the right equipment to hand to properly treat injuries at work. After all, there’s no point knowing what to do if you don’t have the equipment and tools to do it.

The exact contents of each office first aid kit will vary depending on the nature of the job and working environment. However, there are some basic staples that every kit should have.

Top of this list of essentials is gloves. Whilst almost everything else in the kit is there for the patient, gloves are actually for your own protection.

The use of medical gloves in first aid treatment is typically associated with blood. There’s a real fear surrounding infection and disease with regards to blood.

However, gloves are used to protect you from all bodily fluids capable of transferring disease and infection. It’s important to remember that it’s not just blood that poses a danger.

Furthermore, gloves help with hygiene in a more general sense. The victim of the accident may, for example, vomit. Wearing gloves helps keep your hands clean and leaves you free to focus on patient care.

Why is first aid at work so important?

Accidents at work are an unfortunate yet inescapable reality of life. Having first aid kits and qualified first aiders saves time and money in the event of an accident at work.

Of course, serious injuries at work still require proper medical attention. However, small cuts, bumps, bruises and the like can usually be treated on site.

Employees have a legal responsibility towards the health and safety of their staff when at work. The provision of both first aid equipment and qualified first aid personnel is an essential part of this obligation.

Remember, if you are injured in an accident at work that wasn’t your fault, you may be due work injury compensation.

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