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Airplane accident claims

Airplane accident claims are very unusual. The aviation industry has an enviable safety record and the huge range of safety checks and procedures help to make flying on an aircraft one of the safest modes of transport. We have all heard the old saying that we are more likely to get run over crossing the road than injured in an aeroplane crash and it is actually quite true – but why is this?

One of the main reasons is that every aircraft crash is investigated exhaustively by crash investigators. This means that airplane accident claims and the information arising from them feed back into the maintenance and safety schedule of aeroplanes. If necessary, a certain model of aircraft will be grounded whilst each aeroplane is checked for a particular fault.

Airplane accident claims – accident reporting

The UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch is part of the Department for Transport. They are a Government agency that has the responsibility for investigating civil aircraft accidents in the UK. They also investigate serious incidents and feed this information back to designers, engineers and manufacturers who are responsible at the outset for aircraft safety. Accidents and incidents have to be reported to the UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch by law. This is the sort of information that they receive:

  • The aircraft type, model, registration marks and its country of origin
  • The name of the person or organisation that owns, operates or has hired the aircraft
  • The commander of the aircraft’s name
  • The date and the time that the accident took place
  • The place that the aircraft departed from and its scheduled destination
  • The exact geographical location of the accident, if known
  • The number of crew that were on board and how many injured or killed
  • The number of passengers that were on board and total injured or killed
  • Any other people that have been injured or killed as a result of the accident – such as ground staff, hit by the aircraft as it crashed
  • What is known about the accident so far
  • The local police will be informed of the accident

Airplane accident claims – starting a claim

There are several groups of people who may be entitled to make airplane accident claims. They are the ones who have been injured in an airplane crash that was not their own fault. They then claim from the person who was at fault for the accident and the UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch may play a key role in discovering who this actually is.

Airplane accident claims could also be made by the crew of the aircraft – known as an an occupational claim – so too by the passengers of the aircraft or by people who have been hurt, possibly fatally, in an aircraft crash. There is a law firm called Accident Advice Helpline who can help people make airplane accident claims. They have a team of highly-trained personal injury lawyers who are specialists in this type of work. You can contact them via a 24 hour helpline any day of the week on 0800 689 5659.