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Aggravated Back After a Crash

Back injuries following a car crash

One of the most common causes of back pain is a car accident, which can happen in a number of ways leaving sufferers with an aggravated back after a crash. Often, the victim’s car is struck from behind or from the side, which can cause the body to move and twist in irregular ways. A minor crash can lead to weeks or even months of suffering. If you find that your back injury is affecting your quality of life, you could qualify for compensation.

Types of aggravated back after crash injuries

The back is an intricate structure – it’s home to important muscles and tissues that help to hold the spinal cord in place and support our upper body’s weight, so it’s little wonder what damage may be done following a car crash. If you have an aggravated back after a crash, you should get help. You could be suffering either of the following types of back pain:

  • Lower back pain – this is often caused by rear-end collisions and can result in lower back sprains and muscle spasms at night. If aggravated further, this can cause underlying disc injuries, and in the most serious cases can lead to long-term disability.
  • Upper back pain – this can be due to side-on collisions, affecting the shoulder muscles and upper body. This can cause fractured vertebrae or torn ligaments. Depending on the severity of the crash, this can range from a niggling pain to very limited movement.

Treating an aggravated back after a crash

The most severe cases will call for hospitalisation and possible surgery, but those afflicted with a lesser injury such as an aggravated back after a crash may be able to try home treatments to aid recovery, including gradual and gentle exercise, massage and physiotherapy, plenty of extended bed rest, and ice packs and support cushions for use during sleep and during the day.

Claiming compensation

Here at Accident Advice Helpline, we understand the debilitating effects that a car crash can have on the victim’s quality of life. And while we appreciate that a cash sum can’t ever compensate you for the inconvenience caused, we aim to make your treatment and consequent recovery easier to bear financially in helping you to achieve compensation.

If you’re suffering from an aggravated back as a result of a car accident that wasn’t your fault, you may be eligible for compensation. By carefully establishing your exact physical needs, you can put together an accidental injury compensation claim that will supply the means to secure the care you need for as long as you need it. Many people find themselves off work for some time. It is a priority to establish financial stability for anyone claiming.

See if you are eligible today by either speaking to our friendly advisers in confidence free of charge on 0800 689 5659, or by trying our 30-second test™ online. We can tell you immediately whether you qualify for compensation, and if so how much we may be able to help win for you. Start your claim today!