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Where are accidents most likely to occur in a hotel?

As a working environment, a hotel can be bustling, challenging and require a varied skill set. Organisation, diplomacy and enthusiasm are all required, as is a keen eye for health and safety. After all, the likelihood of workplace accidents and injuries occurring is greatly increased if everyone is not on the ball safety-wise, particularly in a setting as diverse and multi-faceted as a hotel.

What are the main causes of accidents at work in a hotel?

Statistics from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) show that, over the course of an average year, approximately 35 per cent of all injuries at work in hotels and restaurants are caused by slips, trips and falls. These same statistics from the HSE show manual handling accidents to be the second worst offender, accounting for 29% of reported work accidents in hotels.

Where do accidents in a hotel most commonly occur?

The main reason so many slip and fall accidents occur in hotels is because of the number of environments which are susceptible to it. Tiled bathroom floors are a particular menace for cleaners who are often tasked with getting through hundreds of rooms a day and are therefore sometimes too rushed to pay serious attention to their own safety.

Glistening hotel lobbies are another area where it is easy to lose grip underfoot and suffer a serious accident at work. Many hotels are also home to numerous staircases. Again, great care must be taken when negotiating these, particularly for employees who are carrying something, to avoid a nasty fall and serious injury at work.

How do manual handling accidents at work in a hotel occur?

Manual handling injuries and accidents are typically suffered by those charged with carrying heavy or cumbersome goods. In a hotel setting, this makes porters and kitchen staff particularly vulnerable. Whether it’s a heavy suitcase belonging to a guest or a substantial delivery of ingredients that need taking through to the kitchen, overloading can result in serious injury.

How can hotel accidents be avoided?

Anyone tasked with heavy lifting or manual handling needs to have received relevant and up to date training whilst non-slip surfaces should be fitted to areas prone to spills.

If you suffer injuries at work in a hotel or elsewhere, Accident Advice Helpline can help you get back on your feet with the work accident compensation you deserve.