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Accident in Sheffield

Working in Sheffield does not mean that you are prepared to become part of a claim for a workplace accident in Sheffield. This is where you have suffered an accident in a workplace in the Sheffield area and that accident was not your fault. This means that you may be in a position to claim compensation.

Sheffield has long been synonymous with the metal industry and so a workplace accident Sheffield claim would possibly involve an incident with molten metal. Some of the causes of accidents with molten metal and the causes of workplace accident in Sheffield claims are examined here..

Causes of a workplace accident  in Sheffield

Water contamination of molten metals is extremely hazardous and is to be avoided in all molten metal workplaces. If there is water in molten metal then it is possible that it will explode. The dangers posed to workers by exploding molten metals are obvious. Burn and scald injuries to the face, neck and arms are a likely result.

Several molten metal explosions and therefore some injuries involving an workplace accident in Sheffield could have been caused by water entering the furnace on scrap metal. Many metal smelting operations involve re-using or recycling scrap metal. Some ways of reducing the risks are:

  • Preventing the scrap from being soaked by rainwater by storing it in a clean, dry and covered area where it is protected from the weather
  • If the scrap has been stored out in the open then there must be a system of drying it and checking that it is completely dry before it is entered into the furnace
  • Scrap metal often includes metal drums and these can be full of liquid so they should have holes punched in them and should be given sufficient time for the liquid to drain out before they are used in the furnace
  • Providing the workers with personal protective equipment – this may include hard hats, face shields, heat/fire proof overalls and gloves. The equipment must work, must fit properly and must be checked regularly to ensure that it is doing the job that it is designed to do
  • Every worker involved with molten metal operations must receive the training to enable them to carry out their work safely. They must know exactly how to use all the equipment safely and how to follow safe working practices. Training must be on-going. As new procedures and equipment are introduced then additional training is needed.
  • Employees should be supervised appropriately to make sure that safety procedures are being followed.

Injured in a non-fault accident in Sheffield? Contact Accident Advice Helpline

The method of helping the injured worker to claim compensation after a non-fault accident in Sheffield is straightforward. Simply call Accident Advice Helpline on 0800 689 5659. This long-established legal firm are used to dealing with this sort of accident claim in Sheffield and South Yorkshire and will know the correct procedure to follow. If it can be shown that the accident was the fault of the worker’s employer then a claim for personal injury may be made. The worker could receive cash compensation for their injuries and for the money that they have lost in payouts to carers, private nurses and medical treatment because of their injuries.