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Accident on the bus

None of us wants to suffer an accident on the bus when we are on the way to or from work or are going out for the day. This is why there is a comprehensive system of safety policies and procedures which the companies that operate buses and coaches should follow.

There is also a system of being able to claim compensation if you have been injured in an accident on the bus that was not your own fault. Here are some more details.

Preventing an accident on the bus

The companies that run bus services should take certain steps to ensure that there is not an accident on the bus. These may include:

  • Driver selection and recruitment – this process should ensure that all of their drivers have the appropriate qualifications and experience
  • Driver training – drivers should receive initial training for the type of vehicle that they will be asked to drive. Then they should receive refresher training as necessary. Finally, there may be a system of re-training following incidents.
  • There may be incentives in place to reward the safest drivers
  • Safe practices for passengers using the bus must be adopted. This may include passengers getting on and off the bus safely. It may be the use of seat belts. It may also be adequate supervision of children when they are on the bus
  • There are some bus technology developments that may improve bus safety. These may include low-floor buses and improved door controls. High-visibility brake lights and warning signs may also reduce the likelihood of a collision with another vehicle. The lighting inside the bus must be appropriate to protect passenger safety
  • The design and positioning of bus stops and the provision of bus lanes may also contribute to safety when using a bus service

Claiming for an accident on the bus

This is best achieved by contacting a law firm who are experts in this area. Accident Advice Helpline is a well-established firm and we have been helping people claim for an accident on the bus since the year 2000.

We have personal injury lawyers with special training and experience in bus accidents. We will guide you through the legal process and support you from the beginning to the very end of your claim.

Accident Advice Helpline personal injury lawyers work on a system called no win no fee, so that means no huge fees at the start of the claim for you.

You will be able to claim for the injuries themselves and in general terms, the more serious injuries attract the higher levels of compensation. You also claim for your financial losses; this is money that you have lost because of the accident.

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