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Accident on a bus journey

An accident on a bus journey is not a common experience. Most bus journeys pass without incident and are perfectly safe. Over 6000 people were involved in an accident on bus journeys during 2011, but the majority of these were minor injuries.

Buses tend to travel around urban areas, stopping frequently and passengers do not wear seat belts. Coaches are used for longer journeys and passengers are often supplied with seat belts; these should always be worn.

Causes of an accident on a bus journey

An accident on a bus journey can be caused by mechanical failure of the bus. For example, if you were injured by the automatic doors, or if a failure with the breaks caused the bus to collide with a wall, then this would be a mechanical failure.

You may be able to claim compensation from the company that was responsible for maintaining the bus. If the driver was at fault, then you may be able to claim from his or her employers.

Types of injuries in an accident on a bus journey

A full range of injuries can be caused by an accident on a bus or a coach. A slight slip, trip or fall is likely to result in a sprained ankle or wrist and possibly some facial injuries, if the victim did not manage to put their hands out to save themselves.

More serious falls can result in broken or fractured limbs and in head injuries. In very serious bus and coach accidents such as a high speed crash on a motorway the injuries can be very severe. This sort of injury can be permanent and life-changing. As well as the injuries from the impact, coaches can sometimes catch fire after accidents and the passengers can sustain severe burns. It is not uncommon to suffer psychological symptoms such as depression or anxiety after a coach crash.

Claiming for an accident on a bus journey

If one of your bus journeys has resulted in you becoming injured, then you may be able to claim compensation. You would claim the compensation from the person who was at fault for the accident. This may be the bus operator or the driver. It may also be the driver of another vehicle, if they were the one that caused the bus or coach to crash.

Claim experts at Accident Advice Helpline

You can claim compensation for accidents on bus journeys by calling Accident Advice Helpline. We have a team of personal injury lawyers who are experts at dealing with bus accidents. Our lawyers will know exactly how to set out your case for making a claim and they will help you provide all the relevant information. Accident on bus cases are dealt with on a no-win, no- fee basis, so you will not have to pay us any cash up-front.

It is rare for accident on bus cases to get to court, but claimants may have to attend one appointment with a medical expert who will prepare a medical assessment report.

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