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Personal injury solicitor in Redcar and Cleveland

Redcar and Cleveland is a borough in North Yorkshire with a population of just over 135,000. It shares borders with Stockton-on Tees, Middlesbrough and Hartlepool. It is a fairly new district having been formed in 1974 and at the time named Langbaurgh, its name being changed to Redcar and Cleveland in 1996.

Redcar and Cleveland Civic Centre is at the heart of Redcar and as well as the council chambers, mayors parlour, register services and meeting rooms it has 44 business units and sports and leisure facilities.

Redcar has several large chemical companies all located on the Chemical Industry Park near Wilton. There was at one time a thriving steel industry in the area, but that all closed down in 2015.

There are several nature reserves in Redcar and Cleveland, all of which are maintained by the local council. These include the Flatts Lane Woodland Country Park, Rosecroft Wood, Clarksons Wood and Eston Moor. Apart from the nature reserves, there are many other attractions in the area such as a miniature railway, indoor and outdoor play centres, museums, nightlife, shopping areas and eateries.

Twinned with Troisdorf in Germany for nearly 30 years, Redcar and Cleveland is an area that has many parts of natural outstanding beauty.

No matter a rural or urban an area is though, sometimes accidents will happen there, and innocent people will be injured through no fault of their own. They could be entitled to compensation in this situation. If you have been injured in an accident that was not your fault and are looking for a personal injury solicitor in Redcar and Cleveland, you should call us instead. At Accident Advice Helpline we can assist you no matter where you are located in the UK, so give us a call today.

Road traffic accident in Redcar and Cleveland

Over a 5-year period there were 636 reported road traffic accidents in the area, with about one third of them being serious but no fatalities. Speed cameras have been installed on some of the busier roads, such as Redcar Lane, Redcar Road, Marske High Street, the A1085 and the A174 in an effort to reduce the number of accidents. These all have a 30mph limit, and the one quicker road to have them installed, the A171 has a 60mph limit.

You do not need to be travelling at high speeds to suffer severe injuries in a road traffic accident in Redcar and Cleveland. You could be a pedestrian on the side of the road, and then an impact of just five or 10 miles could hurt you badly.

If you have been injured in an accident that was not your fault, you may be entitled to compensation if you were a driver, passenger, cyclist, motorbike rider, pedestrian or road user of any other type. Making a compensation claim is your legal right when you are suffering injuries caused through the actions of someone else. You are possibly seeking a personal injury solicitor in Redcar and Cleveland to help with your personal injury claim. If you call us, we will be able to help. With over 17 years of experience in making successful claim, we have the expertise and knowledge to make sure your claim has its best chance of success, Why not call us today and see how we can help you?

Whiplash accident in Redcar and Cleveland

Whiplash is a painful and disabling injury caused when your head is suddenly jolted, so moves further than it normally would. This damages the muscles and tendons in your neck, which is what creates the pain and stiffness of a whiplash injury. If you have been in an accident, you could walk away thinking you have not been hurt, as whiplash takes a few hours to manifest itself. In fact, if you are in immediate pain in your neck, it is unlikely it is whiplash and you should seek immediate medical attention.

A whiplash accident in Redcar and Cleveland can happen in no end of different way, although the most common way to suffer this particular injury is in an accident on the roads. You will suffer for just a few weeks, unless you have chronic whiplash and then it could last months or even longer.

While at its worst, whiplash will stop you doing many of the everyday tasks you normally do, and you may need help with the simplest of things. Like most injuries, it will cause extra expenses for medication, and you may lose income because of needing time off work. If you make a successful personal injury claim for compensation, any accident related costs and losses could be recouped.

Our solicitors are experts in dealing with such cases, and they will ensure that you are awarded the maximum amount for your circumstances. Don’t risk using a personal injury solicitor in Redcar and Cleveland; call the experts at Accident Advice Helpline.

Work accident in Redcar and Cleveland

Redcar and Cleveland has a higher than average number of people working in manufacturing, transport, education and healthcare, but quite a lot lower than the norm in the communication, finance and utility industries. Regardless of the trade or profession you work in, there is one rule that applies to them all. Your employer has to make sure your working environment is safe so that employees do not suffer a work accident in Redcar and Cleveland.

No one goes to work expecting to be in an accident and when it does happen it is even more frustrating if it could have been prevented. Health and safety measures should be in place in all work situations and if you boss fails to comply with the rules and regulations and you are injured as a result, you could be entitled to compensation.

Another rule is that employers have to purchase employers liability insurance, and it would be this that settles your compensation claim. Do not be put off claiming because of having to deal with these huge organisations. You can leave all the hard work to us and concentrate on your recovery. Call us today to see how quickly and efficiently we can handle your personal injury claim.

Slips, trips and falls in Redcar and Cleveland

When someone slips, trips or falls it often produces a laugh for their friends, family or workmates, as generally they can look quite silly, but not be hurt. This is not always the case though, and sometimes serious injuries result from slips, trips and falls in Redcar and Cleveland.

Often these accidents could have been avoided if only whoever was responsible for safety had made sure the broken paving slab was repaired, the stairway was well lit, the flooring was not loose and a whole host of other things. They might seem quite minor to put right, and most of them are, but if someone lands awkwardly or is thrown into traffic or glass, the consequences of negligence can be severe.

If you have been injured in this or any other type of accident and you were not to blame, call our friendly advisors today. They will answer all your questions, and be here to guide you every step of the way, if you decide to go ahead, that choice will be yours. Call 0800 689 5659.