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Accident claims helpline in Manchester

Our accident claims helpline in Manchester receives all manner of different calls. The one thing they all have in common is the individual on the end of each call. Every person who calls us wants to know whether they could claim something for an injury they have received. These injuries can happen in a huge array of circumstances, but our accident claims helpline in Manchester always looks for one crucial factor – negligence.

The word negligence comes into play whenever there is an accident and someone who didn’t cause the accident is injured. Sometimes, of course, accidents happen for freak reasons and no one is to blame. However, from a legal point of view, the word negligence is referred to as a ‘breach of a duty of care’. This means someone was negligent in failing to eradicate or avoid the circumstances that caused the accident.

What could go wrong in the workplace?

Our accident claims helpline in Manchester fields calls regularly concerning accidents that have occurred in the workplace. Some are more common than others. For example, an article at Bytestart has revealed some of the most common incidents to happen are slips, trips and falls. These are important to note because they can lead to all kinds of injuries, some of which might be more severe than others. They are also important to be aware of purely because they can happen in any workplace and any industry. All it takes is a hazard that has not been eradicated or minimised and someone can have an accident.

The good news is most slips, trips and falls can be avoided if the proper health and safety measures are taken. Every workplace should have risk assessments done on a regular basis. Some hazards are obvious while others are less so, but a risk assessment can help make it easier to identify them all.

How does this help you? Well, if you have reason to call our accident claims helpline in Manchester because you were hurt in any kind of work-based accident, one important area to look at will concern risk assessments. The Health and Safety Executive website offers plenty of information on the steps involved in a risk assessment. Identifying the hazards is just one part of this.

When you call our accident claims helpline in Manchester, you will be able to speak with an expert who can assess whether a compensation claim may be a possibility. If it is, various aspects of your case will be looked at by one of our lawyers. One crucial area will concern the actions of your employer. If they were negligent, i.e. if they didn’t conduct a proper risk assessment, this could aid your case.

What could go wrong on the roads?

We also receive calls to our accident claims helpline in Manchester concerning road accidents. These may come from drivers, cyclists and even pedestrians. Six people lose their lives each day in road accidents, but many more are injured. Those injuries can range from life-threatening ones to those that are very mild but may still cause pain and inconvenience.

If you ring our accident claims helpline in Manchester, you have a chance to tell us about your accident. You can tell us who you think caused it, what injuries you sustained and how long ago it happened. While most people call us relatively soon after an accident, some don’t realise until much later that the potential exists to make a claim. If this applies to you, just know you have to call us within three years of the accident date.

What could go wrong in other public places?

Sometimes, an accident can happen when no one else is around. For example, you might be walking across the road and you sprain your ankle by walking over a pothole you didn’t realise was there. Similarly, a loose kerb stone may send you sprawling if you walked over it and it tilted to one side. These are just two examples, but our advisors at our accident claims helpline in Manchester can help you work out whether compensation could be paid for any accident that happened in a public place.

Most slips, trips and falls are preventable in the workplace and beyond. In the case of the former, three areas are identified by HSE as being potential trip hazards. However, these elements don’t just apply to workplaces – we can all work to keep the areas we visit and encounter much safer by ensuring there are no slip or trip hazards around.

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The outcome of any accident could be bad for you. Even minor injuries can be inconvenient, not to mention painful and upsetting. You’ll probably find there are things you usually do without thinking about them, and now they are impossible to do, at least for a while. If you’ve been injured more seriously than that, you may worry about your future and whether you can work again. You can see the reasons why you may want to get proper legal advice, and it’s good to know you can get it without any obligation to press on with a claim if you decide you don’t want to.

When you ring our team on 0800 689 5659, you can benefit from expert advice given by trained experts. If you can present evidence of negligence (that’s something one of our lawyers can help with if evidence exists), you have a good case to make for receiving compensation. Even if you are uncertain whether a claim would work, make that call today to let our experts work out the details. We’ve been very successful in helping our clients receive compensation over the past 16 years and more. Let us see if we can do the same for you. Our accident claims helpline in Manchester is here whenever you need it most, so be sure to call us when you can.