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Accident claims calculator

If you have been injured in an accident that was not your fault within the last three years, you may be only a few clicks away from finding out how much you could claim with our easy-to-use accident claims calculator.

Accidents unfortunately happen, but when someone is to blame then the victim can be entitled to claim compensation.

A novel and simple way in which to see how much you could claim is our accident claims calculator, which we at Accident Advice Helpline call our 30-second test™.

It only takes half a minute to complete, hence the name. When you have done so, the accident claims calculator will tell you how much, on average, your award could be worth when compared with similar claims.

Accident claims calculator

You’re unlikely to want to begin legal proceedings if you don’t know what’s waiting for you at the end of it. An estimate of the value of your claim could ease your fears about entering into litigation. Remember also that we are no win no fee and therefore can reassure you that you need not pay a penny to start your claim.

We will assess a few simple criteria to give you an idea of how much you could claim.

These criteria are:

  • Did your injury occur in the last three years?
  • Was the accident that caused the injury your fault?
  • What part of your body was injured?
  • Did you seek medical attention?

Medical attention

If your injuries are minor and you dislike going to see your GP then we must impress on you the importance of medical evidence to your claim. Without it, there is no proof that you’ve been injured. You will need more than your personal statement to prove that someone’s negligence caused you pain and suffering.

You will need to provide the statement or report of a medical professional so that we can prove your claim. In certain instances, you’ll be required to have a further medical assessment to gauge the severity of your injuries and how they’re going to affect your future.

Claim calculator

Once the accident claims calculator has delivered your results, the decision is up to you regarding what you wish to do next.

It’s a novel and convenient way of determining whether you could claim for your accident, with none of the hassle of booking appointments or even having to pick up the phone.

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