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Accident at a football stadium

If you’ve suffered an accident at a football stadium you may be considering making a claim for compensation for your injuries. If the accident was not your fault, here at Accident Advice Helpline, we approve of you taking that step. Too many people elect not to bring claims against those liable for causing accidents, which means there are too many careless or negligent people, firms and organisations not being brought to book. In the interests of your own personal justice you should consider claiming for your injuries, even more so if those injuries have affected the way you live your life for a period of time.

It may be that your accident at a football stadium has left you out of pocket – for example, if you had to take time off work after your accident then you may have suffered loss of earnings, or it could be that you have sustained serious injuries that have affected the rest of your life.

How do accidents happen at football stadiums?

The types of accidents that could occur at a football stadium are more varied than you might imagine. Accident Advice Helpline is a law firm that was established in the year 2000, and since then we’ve worked on claims for clients that have been involved in slips, trips and falls in a stadium, particularly down the steps or in the toilets, crowding injuries, food poisoning, and even injuries related to the tip-up seats that are used in stadiums across the UK. Do any of these ring a bell with you? You could even be injured after being hit by a football whilst you are watching your team play. No matter what has happened, you could be eligible to claim compensation after an accident at a football stadium.

How serious are your injuries?

Whether you have sustained a minor or serious injury, you could find yourself eligible to make a personal injury claim. Somebody else will need to have been liable for your accident, and you will need to have received medical attention for your injuries, in order to be eligible to make a personal injury claim. Remember too that whilst you could claim compensation for minor injuries, the amount of your settlement is likely to be much less than somebody who has sustained a serious, life-changing injury.

Staying safe at a stadium

Knowing how to stay safe at a football stadium is one thing, but when you’re lost in the event that you’re watching, safety tends to fly out of the window. Many injuries that could be sustained from an accident at a football stadium might be prevented, if people didn’t walk up and down stairs with theirs hands full while watching the game. It’s common sense really. Sticking with your group of friends, staying aware of your surroundings and looking out for hazards and generally keeping your wits about you can prevent many of the most common accidents from ever happening. However, sometimes you will be injured in an accident that was somebody else’s fault.

Who’s at fault for your accident at a football stadium?

If you’ve genuinely had an accident that wasn’t your fault however, we want to hear from you. Once the treatment for injuries sustained from an accident at a football stadium has been completed or is well on the way to completion, and once you have a better understanding of how your injuries will affect you in the long term, you should get in touch with us and start your claim. There is a three-year time limit in place to make a claim. Whether you’re unsure of who is at fault for your accident in a football stadium or you have a good idea who’s to blame, you should contact us as soon as possible after your accident.

Consider carefully who is liable for an accident at a football stadium. If it is you, then sadly, we won’t be able to help you. If you want to claim against the event organisers, another spectator, or the owner of the football stadium, then we will certainly examine the evidence and see whether you have a claim. If you have sustained food poisoning after eating at a football stadium, for example, then the owner of the stadium could be held liable for your illness. What happens if you have suffered injuries caused by faulty seating in a football stadium? In this case the owners of the stadium could also be held liable. But if you were injured due to overcrowding, the event organisers could be responsible for your accident, as they are supposed to ensure that the venue is not filled over its usual capacity.

How to claim compensation after your accident

Claiming compensation for an accident at a football stadium is thankfully very straightforward with Accident Advice Helpline. You call us up and supply us with all of your details, and tell us about your accident, your injuries and the treatment you have had so far. If we agree that you have a claim, we can take it from there. There’s no onerous paperwork, and little likelihood that you’ll end up in court, as we can process most claims in full over the phone. Many people miss out on the opportunity to claim the compensation they are entitled to, as they assume that they can’t afford to pay legal fees to make a claim after their accident.

Accident Advice Helpline’s professional personal injury lawyers work on a no win no fee basis, so there is no need to worry about the cost of making a claim at a football stadium. This means that even if you are struggling financially after your accident, you can afford to make a personal injury claim with us.

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