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Abroad accident injury claim

Unfortunately, sometimes when people travel abroad accidents can happen, whether it be for a splendid holiday that they have been planning all year, or for a business trip. So it is important to be aware that if you have suffered an accident, you may be entitled to an abroad accident injury claim.

Are you eligible to make an abroad accident injury claim?

Personal injury claims have increased significantly in the past few years in the UK, and this includes people making claims for accidents that happened abroad. So, how does this procedure work? What type of accident has to have happened? Well, there are generally two categories they fall under, and they are listed below.

  1. A UK national caused the accident

    If an individual’s permanent residency is in the UK and they caused the accident, then you can claim against them, as the international compensation claim can be legally brought to a British court.

  2. Package holiday where the accident happened was bought from a UK Company

    If you purchased a package holiday and the accident occurred as a part of that, then in most cases you will be able to file a claim against that company, and in the UK. This accident could have happened on a tour which was booked through the operator, or a matter relating to the hotel for example.

Who can help you with your accident injury claim?

After any accident has happened, it can be very stressful for the victim. This is especially the case when the accident has happened abroad, as sometimes they might find themselves in unfamiliar area. You may have had to pay for medical bills for your injury if you did not have insurance, and fortunately you can get this back, if you do file a successful claim.

Accident Advice Helpline is a great law firm to enable you to do exactly this. We offer a freephone helpline that you can call, and speak to friendly professional advisors in confidence. They will explain everything and let you know if you will likely have a successful abroad accident injury claim, so you will be able to decide if it is worth proceeding any further. The number to call is 0800 689 5659.

After reviewing your case, they will find a specialist solicitor for you, and we have a large nationwide team to choose from, so you and your case will be taken care of extremely well.

If you are successful and do receive compensation, the money will no doubt come in very useful to you and everyone who has been affected. It will hopefully enable you to take the time you need to recover fully, cover any lost wages or even help with childcare, if that is your situation.

If you would prefer not to talk to an advisor yet, there is also the option of taking the 30-second test™ here on the website. This test will even estimate how much you could claim, taking you that one step further to reaching your settlement.