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5 worst bathroom accidents

You may think of your bathroom as a safe haven to escape to and enjoy a hot bubble bath at the end of the day. However, you may be surprised to hear that bathrooms are one of the most dangerous places at home and in your office block. Here are some of the worst bathroom accidents including accidents at work try and avoid.

Common bathroom accidents

Here are some examples of the worst bathroom accidents:

  1. Slips, trips and falls: these are the most common types of bathroom accidents. Bathroom floors tend to be wet and slippery. Even a minor fall can be incredibly serious, especially as there is often limited space in your bathroom. This may increase the risk of you hitting your head on something, such as the sink or the edge of the bath, as you fall. A lack of space may also cause you to land awkwardly, resulting in severe slip and trip injuries.
  2. Scalds: most of us love a hot bath from time to time, but what happens when the water is scalding? If very hot water comes out of the tap or shower without warning, this can cause severe scalds and long-term damage to your skin. Check the temperature of the water before you get into the bath and turn off the tap if the water is too hot.
  3. Damaged bathroom fittings: have you ever cut yourself on a broken loo seat or been hit over the head by a falling cistern? You may think your bathroom suite looks sturdy, but it could actually turn out to be a major bathroom accident hazard.
  4. Mirror incidents: most of us take time to look in the mirror when we’’re in the bathroom. If you’’re keen to avoid bathroom accidents take care when doing your hair or applying your make-up. Broken shards of glass can lead to lacerations. If you do cut yourself, apply damp tissue or a cloth to the wound to stem the bleeding.
  5. Electrical injuries: electricity and water should never be mixed together and can cause some of the worst bathroom accidents. Avoid using electrical devices in the bathroom. You should only have shaver sockets in your bathroom.

If you’’ve been injured in bathroom accidents at work and you were not at fault, call Accident Advice Helpline to find out more about claiming work accident compensation.

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