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5 slip and trip hazards at your nearest shopping mall

Shopping malls can be busy places even on weekdays. Due to the crowds and the amount of different shops a mall can be surrounded in slip and trip hazards. Here are 5 potential slip and trip hazards found in a shopping mall.

Spilt drinks and food

Most shopping malls have restaurants, cafes and bars that shoppers visit during their trip to refuel. Due to the amount of places to eat and drink and the amount of shoppers accidents can happen and drinks can get spilt. This can create quite a nasty slip hazard, especially if the mall floor is stone or marble like most are.

Boxes and items left on the floor

You walk into a clothes shop and there are always hangers which have fallen off rails and clothes left lying around. These can cause a nasty trip injury if your feet get caught up in the clothes or if you step on a shoe left lying about. This can apply to any items such as boxes and other stock items left on the floor.

Displays in the middle of the floor

Many shops like to make the most of the space they have in the shops. This often means putting a display in the middle of an aisle. In many stores there will still be plenty of space to walk around but if you were distracted and not looking where you are walking this could easily cause a trip accident.

Pushchairs and buggies left unattended

You are trying to walk down an aisle when you see someone has left a buggy right in the middle. If you weren’’t looking where you are walking you could easily sustain a trip injury on this. The owner of the buggy may be oblivious to the trip hazard they have created.

Repairs not carried out

Sometimes the smallest thing can be a nasty trip hazard. If a shop in the mall hasn’’t kept up to date with their general maintenance and there is a tile or piece of carpet which is starting to lift up this could cause a serious trip injury.

If you do have a slip or trip whilst in a shopping mall that wasn’’t your fault you may be able to make a claim. Speak to Accident Advice Helpline to find out more on 0800 689 5659.