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Five slip and trip hazards at the bowling alley

There isn’t much that beats a night of bowling with your friends — grabbing some food and ordering some drinks before dividing into teams is great for striking up a bit of healthy competition and a lot of fun. However, the bowling alley can be a dangerous place for slips, trips and falls. Being aware of what could go wrong can help to minimise the risk of this.

The wrong shoes

Everyone knows that when you go into a bowling alley, you need to go over to the shoe counter and swap your own shoes for a pair of special bowling shoes. The reason for this is because wearing shoes without proper grip can cause someone to slip and fall over.

The floors

The floors of bowling alleys are polished and buffed, making for a very shiny and slippery surface. When wearing the proper footwear, the risk of a trip or slip accident is minimised, but you should still act sensibly when on the floor. Being complacent and doing anything other than walking could result in a public place fall onto a very hard surface.

The wrong ball

You should never pick up a ball that feels uncomfortable or too heavy for you. Attempting to bowl a ball that is very hard for you to hold can result in an accident such as a broken toe or foot by dropping the ball onto yourself, or loss of control resulting in a slip or fall.

Being under the influence

Most bowling alleys serve alcohol, which when consumed in moderation can help you to relax and enjoy yourself during a game of bowling. But when you are under the influence, your reflexes are slower, meaning you are at a bigger risk of slipping and tripping over.

A slip accident because of a spillage

Because bowling alleys serve food and drink, there is always a risk of suffering a fall or trip on a spillage. If you spot a spillage that hasn’t been cleared up, tread carefully and inform a member of staff. A neglected spillage can cause trips and slip accidents.

making a claim for compensation

If you have been injured as a result of an accident at a bowling alley within the last three years through no fault of your own, call Accident Advice Helpline today on 0800 689 5659 to make a claim for compensation.