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5 slip and trip hazards at the airport

Airports are always busy, both arrivals and departures. Whether you go to one of the big London airports or one of the smaller airports around the world there are always potential hazards which could lead to a slip, trip or fall. Here are our 5 slip and trip hazards at the airport.

  • Trip injury over baggage – This can be quite a common injury and is something that can easily be prevented. This trip hazard is caused by travellers leaving their baggage sticking out either in the middle of an aisle, or even in the middle of terminal and sometimes nowhere near the bag’s owner.
  • Slipping over spillages – With travellers and staff rushing about it is easy for someone to accidentally spill their drink on the floor. The majority of airport flooring tends to not be carpet which means any spillages make the floor very slippery and much more likely to cause a slip injury.
  • Escalator danger – Escalators may not seem dangerous but if not used properly or if you are not concentrating when you are meant to get off could cause a painful trip injury when you find yourself falling rather than stepping off.
  • Travellers in their own world – Often, the sheer excitement of going abroad makes some travellers go into their own little world. This can mean that they are not focussing so much on what they are doing or where they are walking which is when they become the potential trip hazard.
  • Aeroplane steps – It is time to board the plane and everyone is rushing to get the best seats. This can easily cause a trip injury as people are thinking of themselves rather than the fact they could be causing someone harm.

Slip and trip injuries can be painful, and an airport is the last place you want to sustain one, especially if you are about to go on holiday. However, if you have had a slip, trip or fall within the last 3 years that wasn’t your fault you may be able to make a claim. Accident Advice Helpline has years of experience with accident claims and they will make the process as easy and stress free as possible. Speak to them today to find out if you could make a slip, trip or fall claim.