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5 dangerous water sports

When on holiday, it is likely that you will feel inclined to participate in activities you wouldn’’t normally at home, such as adrenaline-fuelled dangerous water sports. While there is no harm living a little and trying something new, it is important to be aware of the risks involved with dangerous water sports.

Doing things right, partaking in dangerous water sports responsibly, with caution, can minimise the risk of experiencing holiday accidents. After all, if the accident wasn’’t your fault, you may be able to claim travel accident compensation on your return.

5 of the most dangerous water sports

All water sports carry an element of risk; you are putting strain on your body and undertaking activities on lakes or open seas. That being said, there are some that are considered more dangerous than others. Just what are the top five dangerous water sports?

  1. Big wave surfing
  2. Cliff jumping
  3. Scuba diving
  4. Cave diving
  5. White-water rafting

How to stay safe when partaking in dangerous water sports

If you are considering attempting some dangerous water sports on holiday, it is important to undergo a thorough induction and training with a reputable, certified company. Speak with your holiday representative, who will be able to guide you in the right direction.

Never attempt to partake in dangerous water sports while under the influence of alcohol. This can greatly affect your ability to follow and respond to instruction, and react to dangers.

Claiming compensation for water sports accidents abroad

If you have experienced a water sports accident abroad through no fault of your own, and you believe a third-party is responsible, you may be able to make a claim for travel accident compensation.

In the case that you have used an activity company endorsed by your travel representative, your holiday company could be held liable for failing in their duty of care.

Accident Advice Helpline

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