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Construction accident claims

If you have been injured on a construction site due to circumstances outside of your control, let us get you the compensation you deserve. We are experts when it comes to handling all construction accident claims.

Construction accident claim information and advice

If you have any questions or need expert advice about accident claims and compensation for your construction accident claim, talk to one of our friendly, legally trained advisors now, on 0800 689 5659.

Have you been injured on a construction site?

If you injure yourself on a construction site, you need the right help, tailored to your situation. When a construction accident wasn’t your fault, you shouldn’t have to pay for the consequences, or chase around trying to find the right specialist help.

Making a claim for compensation might seem like extra hassle, but compensation can really help to ease the stress, covering medical costs, loss of earnings, housing and travel costs, and continuing care. It also compensates you for your pain and suffering. If you suffer a more serious injury, it can help you adapt your home, car and way of life.

Construction sites can be dangerous places. Accidents can happen when you operate heavy or hazardous machinery without taking regular breaks, use equipment that’s faulty, or become exposed to hazardous substances.

The four most common types of non-fatal accident in the construction industry (as recorded by the Health and Safety Executive in 2016-17) were slips, trips and falls; accidents involving handling, lifting and carrying; falls from height; and impacts from moving or falling objects.

All employers have a legal responsibility to make sure employees are safe at work. This includes providing proper training and safety equipment for you to carry out your role. If your employer’s negligence leads to your injury, we can help.

We make it simple to get the right advice and help, with just one free phone call. Our support will help you to recover more quickly.

Get the right treatment

Compensation claims of this type often relate to falls from height (from scaffolding, for example). Crush injuries are common, and so are injuries to the feet. These may happen if proper protective boots are not worn on site. The result could be multiple fractures and injuries that take months to heal.

If you incur an injury while working on a construction site, it’s essential to seek medical attention and diagnosis as soon as it occurs. By doing this, you increase the chances of treating your injury in the best way possible.

It’s also important to make sure your employer records details of your injury. If your employer has an Accident Book, make sure the incident is recorded there. Later, if you decide to claim compensation, you can use this to support your case.

Some people recover in days or weeks, but a serious injury could leave you unable to work. Treatment may require surgery and an extended stay in a hospital or specialist rehabilitation unit.

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Why make a claim after a construction accident?

Treating your injury may be a lengthy process. It can cost time and money to put things right. Taking long periods off work may make it difficult for you to keep up with your mortgage, rent or household bills. You might also need to depend on someone else to help you. Claiming compensation for loss of earnings could enable you and your family to cope.

You may not feel it’s worth making a compensation claim for an injury that happens at work. An accident in the workplace can be especially traumatic, as most of us are dependent on our regular income from work. You might even believe that declaring an injury could lose you your job.

In fact, your employer has a legal duty to ensure you’re safe at work, and to prevent accidents. This means making sure you have the right training and equipment to carry out your work in line with health and safety procedures. You might need personal protective equipment (PPE) such as a high-visibility vest, hard hat, safety gloves and boots, or hearing and eye protection.

Sadly, many accidents on construction sites are preventable and arise from employer negligence. If you are injured while working with a colleague who does not have adequate training, or if your employer does not provide a hard hat and you are hit by a tool falling from scaffolding, you could claim compensation. If your employer could have done more to keep you safe, you could claim.

There are strict rules to ensure an employer cannot dismiss or treat you differently if you make a claim. All employers are required to take out liability insurance. This usually covers compensation awards, so no one will lose out.

Making a claim can help you to recover, and cover your expenses. It could also help to flag up issues to make your working environment safer in future.

Can you claim for a construction-related injury?

We can help with a wide range of injuries sustained on construction sites. You may be able to claim if you can answer ‘yes’ to the following:

  • Did your accident leave you injured?
  • Was your accident somebody else’s fault
  • Did your accident happen in the last three years?

Each case is different, but we will work on your behalf to make sure you get the right amount of compensation. As we build your case, we’ll consider:

  • Your pain and suffering
  • Loss of earnings due to time off work
  • The effects your injury has had on your social life and hobbies
  • Costs of medical treatment, medication and home adaptation
  • Any care you receive, even if given for free

The quickest way to find out whether you can claim is to call us on 0800 689 5659. Our friendly, legally trained advisors can answer all your questions and help you get the compensation you’re due.

How do you start a claim?

It’s simple and free to find out if you can claim. Just call one of our friendly, legally trained advisors on 0800 689 5659, who will tell you if we can help.

We’ll let you know whether you can make a claim, but we won’t pressure you to take action. We can give advice, put you in touch with experts, and guide you through the process of making a successful claim.

We will help you pull together everything you need to support your claim, and lead you through each step. There is no complicated paperwork, and it will not cost you anything. Our personal injury lawyers work on a no win no fee** basis. Whatever the outcome, our policy means you won’t be out of pocket.

We take the burden and do the hard work for you. To find out more, contact us on 0800 689 5659.

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