Personal injury claims can take some time to process, and there is nothing worse than making a claim after your accident at work or your car accident and having no idea about how much compensation you could be entitled to claim. Luckily, you could use an accident claim calculator to give you an idea of what you could be entitled to receive, but it is important to exercise a little caution. Not every accident claim calculator you will find online is accurate, and it’s best to use the one on our website if you want to get the best results.

Should I use the accident claim calculator?

Yes, you should, if you have been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault. Our accident claim calculator will ask you several questions to establish if you should be using it to see how much compensation you could get. These questions are:

  • Have you been in an accident that was not your fault?
  • Did your accident happen in the last three years?
  • Did you have to seek medical attention after this accident?

If you are able to answer ‘yes’ to all of these questions, then the accident claim calculator will be able to give you an estimate of how much compensation you could be entitled to. Of course, it may be that you’re not sure if the type of accident you were injured in enables you to make a personal injury claim, and if this is the case you may be better off calling our freephone helpline for advice.

What does it cost to use the accident claim calculator?

There is absolutely no charge to use our 30-second accident claim calculator, and as the name suggests, it takes just 30 seconds to answer the questions and get an estimate of how much compensation you could receive. There is also no cost to get advice from one of our expert advisors – it’s free to call our helpline and get advice after your accident, so you have nothing to lose.

Why should I use the calculator?

You may have been injured in an accident at work and be wondering if it is worth your while claiming personal injury compensation. Or perhaps you have sustained minor injuries after a road traffic accident and you want to know how much compensation you could be entitled to. Many people are unsure whether they wish to proceed with a claim when they reach our website and use the accident claim calculator, and that’s OK.

Finding out how much you could claim could motivate you to go ahead with a claim, as you may be entitled to claim more than you expected. You may even want to find out how much compensation you could be entitled to claim after a loved one has been injured in an accident, and the accident claim calculator can help to give you a rough idea.

What factors can affect a personal injury settlement?

It is important to remember that any estimate given by the accident claim calculator is just that, an estimate. There are actually many different factors which can affect the amount of compensation you receive after an accident, so it is impossible for an accident claim calculator to give you an exact figure when it comes to your personal injury settlement. You might be wondering what these factors are – we’re about to tell you:

  • The severity of your injuries
  • What impact your injuries have had on your life
  • How much (if any) time you have needed to take off work
  • Any financial losses you’ve suffered (such as loss of earnings)
  • What treatment you have needed for your injuries
  • Your expected recovery time
  • Any long-term pain and suffering as a result of your injuries – for example chronic pain or a medical condition that has been exacerbated after your accident

These factors can all influence the amount of compensation you could receive, so it is easy to see how two claims which at first seem identical could result in very different personal injury settlements once the details are taken into account. Accident Advice Helpline processes every claim on an individual basis, and you will be assigned a personal injury lawyer with experience handling accidents similar to yours. They may refer to past cases studies to assist them in coming up with your personal injury settlement, as well as asking you questions to discover what impact your accident has had on your life.

Is there any obligation to proceed with a claim?

By using the accident claim calculator on our website you are not committing to anything at any time. There is no obligation to proceed with a claim and you can walk away at any time. We hope that by finding out how much compensation you could be entitled to, you will want to go ahead with a claim for compensation, but we understand if you change your mind for whatever reason, and we won’t question you or pressure you into making a claim.

Bear in mind that there are no upfront fees charged when it comes to making a claim with Accident Advice Helpline as all our lawyers work on a 100% no-win, no-fee* basis. So you can get in touch with us at any point after your accident without worrying about legal fees.

What types of accidents could I claim compensation for?

You can use our accident claim calculator to find out how much compensation you could claim for almost any type of accident. Whether you have been injured in an accident at work or sustained injuries in a road traffic accident, we may be able to help. Here are just some of the types of accidents you could make a personal injury claim for:

Road traffic accidents

Whether you were the driver or passenger in a car, travelling on a bus, crossing the road as a pedestrian or riding your bike on the road, you could make a claim if you have been injured due to another driver’s negligence. For example, if you are knocked over on a pedestrian crossing by a car failing to stop, you could be eligible to receive compensation. The other driver’s insurer will normally pay for your claim.

Food poisoning after a meal out

Did you know that you could get in touch with us to make a claim if you have suffered from food poisoning? If you’ve eaten out at a restaurant, pub or hotel, or if you have suffered food poisoning after ordering a takeaway, you could find you’re eligible to claim compensation. Establishments serving food have a responsibility to practise good food hygiene, and if you have become ill after eating their food, they could be held liable.

Accidents at work

Accident Advice Helpline has helped hundreds of employees claim compensation after being injured in accidents at work. Whilst we have handled claims for more serious injuries, such as vertebral fractures after a fall from height, we have also seen people claim for minor injuries such as a sprained ankle suffered after slipping on a wet floor whilst working in a shop. If your employer was negligent and you were injured as a result, we’re here to help you make a personal injury claim.

Accident in public places

You’ll often hear about personal injury claims for accidents in public places, but what does this actually mean? Well, this could cover things like slips, trips and falls – for example slipping on spillages in a supermarket or tripping in a pothole in a car park – as well as other types of accidents. One good example would be gas or water main explosions, which could cause serious injuries to passers-by at street level. In a case like this, the gas or water company responsible for maintaining the pipes could be held liable, and we could help you make a personal injury claim within three years of your accident.

Why should I choose Accident Advice Helpline?

At the end of the day, it’s up to you which personal injury lawyer you decide to use to handle your claim, but there are a number of good reasons to choose Accident Advice Helpline. Not only have we been in business and helping people claim for over 16 years, we also specialise in personal injury law and don’t deal with any other area of the law. This means we can focus our full attention on your claim, ensuring we get you the compensation you are entitled to.

The fact that we have a large team of lawyers covering the whole of the UK also means that we will be able to assign you a specialist lawyer with experience handling your type of claim. So if you have suffered injuries in an industrial accident, we will be able to find out an industrial injury solicitor to handle your claim. With some smaller personal injury law firms, this simply wouldn’t be possible.

Last but definitely not least, we have a great track record of success. This is one of the reasons we offer a 100% no-win, no-fee* service. Firstly, it means that anybody can afford to make a claim, as there are no upfront legal fees to worry about. It also means that we will only agree to take on your claim if it is genuine and we think it has a good chance of being successful.

What happens now?

You may already be at the stage where you want to get things started with your personal injury claim, or you may need some more help and advice before you make a decision as to what to do next. It’s a good idea to use our accident claim calculator, if you haven’t already done so, to get an idea of what you may be able to claim. Once you’ve done this, we recommend getting in touch with our expert advisors to discuss your accident in more detail and find out more about making a claim.

There is no obligation to proceed at this stage, and all advice is offered in confidence, so you can call our freephone helpline on 0800 689 0500 or 0333 500 0993 from a mobile to find out more. If we think you have a viable claim, we will assign you one of our professional personal injury lawyers, who will be able to get things started and process your claim. We can help you whether you have suffered minor or more serious injuries, provided it has been less than three years since your accident and somebody else was at fault.

Even if you’re unsure whether or not you are eligible to claim compensation, we encourage you to get in touch with us to explore your options. Our friendly professional injury advisors are standing by waiting to take your call and offer you advice after your accident, however you have been injured.