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Travelling abroad – taxi passenger accident claim

When travelling abroad taxi passenger accident claim procedures can differ from here in the UK, which is why we suggest you contact us for advice.

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Who is eligible to make a taxi passenger accident claim?

If you are abroad taxi passenger accident claims can still be made, regardless of whether you are travelling for leisure or work. You can claim compensation if you incurred injuries and received medical treatment for them.

At Accident Advice Helpline, we understand that accidents in other countries are more complicated, since they may involve extended stays in foreign hospitals, complex bureaucratic processes and possible repatriation to the UK. Our qualified personal injury solicitors have the experience, expertise and contacts to help you through the hurdles of claiming a compensation claim outside the UK.

What action should I take after being involved in a taxi accident abroad?

Though the process may vary, depending on the country, it is always advisable to get the details of everyone involved in the accident. These include the names and addresses of both drivers and the registration numbers of the vehicles. Contact details of witnesses might also come in handy.

Also, make sure you report the incident to the local police and keep any paperwork they provide. Additionally, most countries require that you seek medical assistance as a pre-requisite to filing a traffic accident compensation claim. If you intend to claim for expenses such as treatment received, travel costs to hospital or prescription costs, remember to retain all receipts as evidence.

What will Accident Advice Helpline do for me?

Here at Accident Advice Helpline, we have a team of more than 150 personal injury solicitors who are experts in their field. If your accident happened in Europe we can help you claim compensation directly from the UK.

Filing a claim for a taxi passenger accident might seem like a complex and daunting process, but our solicitors are here to assist you. If the claim needs to be pursued outside the courts of England and Wales, they will provide you with the relevant guidance and advice. We will shoulder all the stress of making the claim, leaving you free to recuperate in peace.

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