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Every year, British nationals pay approximately 3 million visits to Italy.

Our leading accident abroad claims solicitors are here to help you claim the compensation you deserve. If you have been involved in an accident in Italy and it was due to someone else’s negligence, contact us for free legal advice from our expert solicitors.

No Win No Fee Italy accident claim solicitors

Almost all of our accident abroad cases are conducted on a No Win No Fee basis, meaning we only take a fee if we win compensation on your behalf, therefore there is no financial risk to you.

Italy accidents explained

Accidents can happen everywhere, including when on a holiday in Italy. If you have been injured while in Italy and it was due to someone else's negligence, you have the following rights:

  • You have the same rights as you have in the UK.
  • You have the right to claim compensation.
  • You can choose a legal representative from the UK to help you with your claim.

Click here for more on travelling safely in the EU.

Most common causes and types of accidents in Italy

Slips, trips and falls are among the most common accidents that happen during holidays. Other accidents we can usually help with include:

These accidents result in different kinds of injuries. Our clients most commonly seek compensation for:

What can I claim for?

Getting involved in an accident whilst in Italy can lead to more complications, such as you and your family being unable to travel home at the planned time or requiring additional transport to the mainland from italian islands such as Sicily, Elba or Sardinia.

If you have been injured in an accident in Italy which was due to someone else's negligence, you can claim compensation for the following:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Damages, such as transport home or to the main island
  • Loss of earnings
  • House modifications
  • Rehabilitation and treatment

I have an emergency, how can I contact the British Government?

If you have a medical emergency, call 112.

If you need urgent help from the British Government, e.g. in one of the following cases, you can contact the British Embassy on +39 06 4220 0001:You've been attackedYou've been arrestedSomeone died

For more information about UK help and services in Italy, read the foreign travel advice for Italy by the British Government

Do I have to pay for medical treatment in Italy?

Make sure you have your European Health Insurance Card with you. It gives you access to health care in Europe. Because the law is likely to change with Brexit, we refer you to the NHS for more information on the current situation.

Before using private healthcare facilities abroad, make sure to speak to your travel insurance company or private health insurance to see if private health care in Italy is covered and if advanced payment is needed.

Who is liable for my injury in Italy?

If you booked an individual holiday yourself, your claim will usually be made against the insurance company of the liable party, e.g. a hotel, a driver or a hospital. If you have booked a package holiday from the UK, your claim may be made against the tour operator or travel agent. Contact us for free legal advice and to establish your full legal position.

How much can I claim for an accident in Italy?

It completely depends on your injury and the impact it has on your life. If the injury was caused due to someone else's negligence, your claim for pain and suffering could be worth several thousands of pounds. For more information call us on freephone 0800 083 5045 or try our online personal injury claims calculator.

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