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Can you claim for whiplash from bumper cars?

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Can you claim for whiplash from bumper cars?

Bumper cars are extremely popular, but also quite dangerous. Being careful while getting on and off bumper cars and during the ride is therefore imperative. Sometimes, bumper car accidents are caused by others. If you suffered whiplash from bumper cars in an accident caused by someone else, you could qualify for a personal injury claim.

When you can claim for whiplash from bumper cars

You could, for example, be entitled to make a bumper car injury claim if your whiplash from bumper cars was caused by:

  • Another person acting irresponsibly
  • A faulty or incorrectly operated bumper car

In the former case, the person acting irresponsibly would be liable to compensate you for your personal injury. In the latter case, liability for your accident would be held by the person responsible for the ride's upkeep and operation.

What to do in case of a bumper car accident

If you were injured on bumper cars and someone else caused your injury, seek medical attention as soon after the incident as possible. This is important because:

  • Whiplash from bumper cars can, unless diagnosed and treated quickly, lead to more serious long-term consequences
  • Seeking medical assistance ensures your injury is documented in your medical records, which is useful as evidence to support your claim

You should also get statements from witnesses, which should be accompanied by their names and contact information. If your accidental injury was caused by a faulty car or incorrect operation, photographs of the car and surrounding area may also help to support a claim.

If you incurred expenses (medication, physiotherapy, travel expenses, and so on) due to your whiplash injury, you should also obtain and safely keep relevant receipts.

Bumper car injury advice

Finally, get expert bumper car accident advice and enlist an experienced Accident Advice Helpline solicitor to assist you in conducting your claim process.

Why us?

There are several good reasons to choose Accident Advice Helpline to help you:

  • We are a law firm, not a claims management company, so your claim will be handled by our own, in-house solicitors. This means it will be processed quickly, efficiently and without any unnecessary hassle.
  • We have a No Win No Fee policy, so you do not have to worry about a claim's financial implications.
  • Our solicitors have over 16 years' experience in processing bumper car injury claims. Combined with their impressive success record, this significantly increases your chance of making a successful claim.

Call our freephone helpline from a UK landline or your mobile on 0800 083 5045 to learn more.

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