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Aviation accidents: Slips and trips

Common causes of air accident injury claims are slips and trips. Slips and trips can be dangerous and lead to personal injuries such as bruises, twisted ankles, back injuries or even broken bones. Call us now on freephone 0800 083 5045.

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How do slips and trips happen during passenger flights?

  • Passengers could firstly fall or slip on their way to the aircraft, potentially on the loading bridge or plane steps. For example, slips can occur if the loading bridge or plane steps are slippery or unsafe to use.
  • In flight falls and trips can occur if the plane is travelling through an area of turbulence, and airline staff have not warned passengers about this.
  • Negligence by airline cabin crew can result in slips and trips during a flight. For example, if staff have placed an object in the aisle that could obstruct the walkway, or is unseen, and results in a fall.
  • Spilt drinks could also make the aisle dangerous to walk down and cause personal injury to passengers if they fall.
  • If a cabin crew staff member falls and spills a hot drink on you, resulting in a burn or scald then you could also be entitled to personal injury compensation.
  • A fall could also occur if the carpet on the aeroplane aisle is not fitted properly.

Making a claim after an aeroplane injury

If you have had a slip or fall that has resulted in an injury whilst travelling on a passenger jet, then you can make a claim against the airline for your injury once you are back on the ground. To qualify for a slip and trip compensation claim, the injury must have happened whilst travelling on an aeroplane and must have happened in the past three years.

You must also have evidence that your slip or fall was the result of negligence by the airline, or someone else's fault. In order to prove this you may need to speak to other passengers who may have also experienced this negligence.

Since 2000, Accident Advice Helpline has specialised in gaining compensation for people after air accidents and any other public place falls. To find out if you are eligible for a claim, contact our helpline today. Available at any time of the day and night, our dedicated team can give you information and advice about making an air accident compensation claim.

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