Have you been a victim of road traffic accidents in Woking?

Woking is a large town in Surrey. If you live there and constantly find that you go along with what other people want because you are worried that they will not like you, you are using approval-seeking behaviour. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be liked and to get along with other folks that is natural human behaviour but if you allow others’ approval to dictate how you feel about yourself then it can become a problem.

It will affect your self-esteem

If you go along with what others want but it is not what you want yourself, it will help you in the short term because it will keep them happy. However, you will find that after a while it will start to affect your self-esteem. You should read this next sentence twice because it is important. There is only one person’s approval that you really need and it is your own. You did not come up with other people’s expectations so therefore it is unreasonable that you should always be expected to meet them.

It can be difficult to say no to folks when you are always saying yes but after you get over the initial discomfort you find that it is actually an exhilarating feeling. Don’t say no to people just for the sake of it but if you are not happy with what they expect of you, you need to let them know. If they cannot accept the situation, it is their problem not yours.

It can be quite a hard pill to swallow when we realise that not everyone will like us or get on with us but it is a fact of life. Once we reconcile ourselves to the fact that there will be folks who we get on well with, there will be folks who are nice but we have nothing in common with and then there are folks who just annoy us; we can begin to stop seeking the approval of everyone and enjoy more personal freedom.

If after reading this it suddenly hits you that the woman who works in the bank in town is a miserable old cod who looks at you as if you are a maggot with halitosis but you creep shamefully to her in the hope that she will like you. Consequently, you have decided that enough is enough and when you draw your cash out you will not smile at her but instead raise a questioning eyebrow. We can only hope then that while you are driving into town that you are not in a car accident which is not your fault. If you are and you suffer from personal injuries relating to road traffic accidents in Woking then you may be able to claim compensation. You should telephone Accident Advice Helpline to find out more.

A no win no fee* basis

Most claims for road traffic accidents in Woking can be processed by telephone so you can concentrate on recovering from your injuries. Furthermore, if an accident solicitor takes on your claim for road traffic accidents in Woking, it will be on a no win no fee* basis. You should pick up the telephone and ring Accident Advice Helpline now. Lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The number is 0800 689 0500 or from your mobile on 0333 500 0993.

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