Very Professional

Apr 10, 2013 by Marcus

I contacted Accident Advice Helpline after seeing an advertisement that they could help me get compensation for an injury I had. I was a little apprehensive at first but after dealing with Accident Advice Helpline and getting a really good pay-out I have to admit how pleased I am to have contacted them.

Excellent Service

March 22, 2013 by Hannah

AAH helped me claim when I was badly burnt by a hot water bottle. The staff at AAH were helpful, friendly and explained the process in detail making sure I understood what would happen during my claim. The process itself was simple and easy and I was awarded £4,500 in compensation. Thank you AAH!

Thanks guys

May 08, 2012 by Oliver

I was injured at work last year. The company asked us to carry some really heavy security fences, I was under time pressure to get the job done. We hadn’t been given any training or lifting equipment to help us. I felt my wrist go and it swelled up like a tennis ball. I was unable to use my hand for weeks after.

I contacted Accident Advice Helpline, told them what happened and they said they thought I had a claim. I was unsure about claiming against my employer but they assured me that the employer’s insurance would cover any award. Accident Advice Helpline did their bit and I got £2700 for my suffering. Thanks guys!

Hassle Free and it is!

May 03, 2012 by John

I was told during the first call made to me that the process would be hassle free. There was no hassle as all I had to do was take a couple of calls and sign a form. I was also very impressed with the solcitors who took my case on as I was offered a sum of money directly from the other persons insurers which I declined and after a 2nd offer was made to me through my solicitor, they suggested I decline that too which I did. I was then offered a higher sum which I agreed to so reckon the solicitors were working in my best interests.


May 03, 2012 by Hugo

I had always thought claiming was something un British and frowned on our claim culture.

But when i was hit by a car when i was crossing the road i was forced to turn to The Accident Advice Helpline for help.

My knee was badly injured and i needed lengthy treatment, it impacted on my work and my social life in a very negative way.

After replying to an email i received a call 5 minutes later.

Within half an hour they had taken my case on.

Within in 2 weeks i had signed with a solicitor.

The whole process was quick and painless.

I received a cheque last week for a substantial sum of money. It doesn’t make up for all the pain i have gone through but it does ease the suffering and help with the financial burden my injury has left me with.

Fast & Efficient

May 03, 2012 by Gemma

I had an accident and asked Accident Advice Helpine for help. They referred me to a solicitor who won my claim in just 4 months. I received the compensation I felt I was owed. I would recommend Accident Advice Helpline to anyone.

I was treated like a person….not a number

May 03, 2012 by Nicola

I’ve previously claimed through my insurance company and weren’t happy with the service at all, they didn’t seem to represent me and were more concerned about settling with the other side’s insurance company, they failed to respond to my letters and calls until I complained, and showed no empathy for the fact that I had been involved in an accident that wasn’t my fault… I just felt like a number and to add salt to the wound they upped my premium for making a claim even though the accident wasn’t my fault.

A couple of years later I had a similar accident and suffered terribly, I had a new role at work but was unable to continue with this role due to the accident. I avoided putting the claim through my insurance company and spoke to a few claims companies, but found Accident Advice Helpline the most professional law firm, but more importantly they seemed to care about what had happened to me and showed a lot of empathy so I decided to put my claim through them. They didn’t disappoint, the whole system and service they offered was faultless, their staff were very friendly and the solicitor was professional and really thorough. I received my compensation along with the loss of earnings, they even predicted how much I was going to earn and therefore had lost as a result of the accident and to top it all off my insurance premiums haven’t risen. I would recommend their service to anyone.

Extremely Fast Claim!

May 02, 2012 by StanMan

Not normally one for all this, but was incredibly happy about how fast i got my claim settled after a recent car crash. So thought it was worth a mention. Thanks especially to Keeley.

Quick & Easy

May 02, 2012 by Neil

I wasn’t sure if I could make a claim. I saw a Google PPC ad that mentioned a 30-second test. I clicked through and was directly taken to the compensation calculator page. Surprisingly it’s a very simple form with just 4 or so click box questions and only 1 page. It took me less than 30 seconds!

I then received an estimated claim amount figure. I don’t think it’s the highest amount but it’s only an estimate so it doesn’t really matter.

I am glad I provided my actual telephone number, because they called me back straight away – what a great service – to see if I meet the legal requirements to potentially make a successful claim.

Certainly worth pursuing – remember to provide a real telephone number and you will not only get the compensation figure but you will put your mind to rest & finally know if you have a valid claim.

Expert advice

May 02, 2012 by david

My friend had a road accident where a car came speeding around the bend on the wrong side of the road and hit him head on. He called Accident Advice Helpline and they guided him through the claims process. He found them to be very knowledgable and professional and he received substantial compensation within six months. He has recommended Accident Advice Helpline to me and several of our friends .

Friendly & helpful

May 02, 2012 by Stephen

I had a minor accident last year when I hit a pot-hole whilst riding my bicycle. The staff at Accident Advice Helpline were friendly, helpful and professional. I’d recommend their services to anyone who has had the misfortune to have an accident due to someone else’s negligence.

More friendly

Apr 08, 2012 by Deborah

A car pulled out of a side street. They weren’t looking and went straight into us. We chose AAH. They sounded more friendly. They asked what had happened, how it happened and whether we were hurt. They were very quick and very helpful. I received £2500.

I recommend AAH

Apr 07, 2012 by Javier

I had an accident on my bicycle. There was a pothole in the road. I contacted AAH on the phone. It was a very quick and easy process. I called them and after one day they sent me a form by post. I sent pictures and explained what happened. They accepted the claim, and their advice was free.
I recommend AAH to anyone that’s had an accident that wasn’t their fault. I received £6500.

Absolutely free advice

Mar 24, 2012 by Martin

I’ve had an RTA. I sustained injuries to my neck, shoulder and right arm. I was advised to contact Accident Advice Helpline by my friends and family as I was having problems with pain after the accident. You go online through their website and do a quick test which takes no longer than 30 seconds, and they can assess whether you can apply for compensation. They give you a rough guide of what you are able to claim for. The advice is absolutely free – I did not spend a single penny. I received £5500 and I would recommend Accident Advice Helpline to everybody.

Very professional and Very quick

Mar 21, 2012 by Debra

I was visiting a friend and fell down a stairwell on some water. I slipped and broke my elbow. I’d seen the advert with Esther Rantzen on the TV several times before.

A friend suggested that I should go online have a look and maybe and get in touch with AAH, and that’s what I did. They were very helpful, very professional. If I couldn’t speak to the man who was dealing with my case. I spoke to somebody else and they would leave a message for him to get back to me.

It was very professional and very quick. They took all the stress away and did everything. I received £3800 for my accident.


Mar 13, 2012 by Ridwan

I’m fed up with drivers not looking out for motorbike riders like me. Some plonker swerved out of his lane without looking and knocked me of my bike at speed.

Thank God for leathers! I saw the Accident Advice helpline ad and gave them a call. It was much easier than I thought, my case went through really quickly. In the end I received £3100 compensation.

I received over £4500

Mar 05, 2012 by Peter

I got in touch with Accident Advice Helpline after a serious motor accident. I sustained mainly whiplash and back injury. I was off work for 10 weeks. I spoke directly to a representative from AAH and they were ever so helpful. They took all my details. The next day a complete pack turned up, and from there it was plain sailing. It took a lot of the stress out of the situation. I certainly wouldn’t have had a clue where to even start. They were ever so professional in everything they did, they knew exactly what I was going through and understood the whole process, which made it easier for me. I received over £4500.

Very professional

Mar 04, 2012 by Davina

Accident Advice Helpline called me: it was quite quick and efficient and they were helpful. They asked me my basic details and how the accident happened, step by step. They put a folder together and sent it to me in the post, all I had to do was read through the information and make sure it was correct. I would recommend them. They were very professional as well as being quite friendly. They kept their boundaries but understood the situation and it is 100% no win no fee.

100% no win no fee

Feb 28, 2012 by Rebecca

I had a car accident. I was actually pregnant at the time. I sustained back injuries and whiplash injury. I didn’t actually call AAH: I did the 30-second test, which asked a few general questions about my accident to see if I was entitled to any compensation. It was really quick and easy – literally 30 seconds –it was just brilliant for somebody to be sympathetic towards me and be willing to take on my case so it was fantastic. They were polite and sympathetic and just helped me out. I received over £5000: when they say they are 100% no win no fee, they mean it. I would recommend Accident Advice Helpline to anybody.

Efficient and Professional service

Feb 15, 2012 by Amanda

We were on a roundabout and somebody hit our car from behind and shunted us on to the roundabout.

We contacted Accident Advice Helpline by telephone. When I spoke to them I told them exactly what had happened and they advised me about what to do moving forward.

They were very friendly, very efficient and explained the process to me. It was a very fast, efficient and professional service, and we received just over £2000.

Sympathetic and Helpful

Feb 06, 2012 by Sandra

I was driving in town when a car pulled out and smashed into the side of me. I was really shaken and was diagnosed with shoulder, neck and severe back pain. I suffered for several months after the accident. I called Accident Advice Helpline and they were really sympathetic and helpful. They put me in touch with a solicitor specializing in personal injury claims and it was far easier than I had feared. I received £4500 in compensation which certainly helped.

Extremely professional

Feb 01, 2012 by Richard

I was riding home one evening on my bicycle, quite happily coming down the main road. I got towards a T junction when a chap in a van decided ‘Time to go’ – bash, straight into me, over the top, and there’s me lying on Brentford High Street.

I sustained injury to my left and right leg, arms, a cut lip, and I was just generally knocked about and had a bit of whiplash. I’ve still got aches and pains now and it’s taken a good six months to get over it.

I was sitting indoors on a Sunday, two days after the accident, and I saw a nice picture of Esther and read into it and made a phone call. From there it was more or less done over the telephone. It was extremely professional. I was amazed at how quick and efficient they actually were. It’s dead easy and I’d recommend it to anyone. Don’t sit back and say ‘I’m not going to get anything out of this’- go for it – it proves it works. I received £3500.

Helped me Claim

Jan 22, 2012 by Daveena

Accident Advice Helpline helped me claim after a road accident. I was the passenger in a car when some idiot smashed into the back of us. I was thrown forward and really jarred my back and neck. My movement is still restricted to this day. Accident Advice Helpline were really on the ball and guided me through the claim process. I received £2400

Very genuine

Jan 19, 2012 by Ann

I had a facial injury at work when a large fridge drawer hit me full-face and broke my nose. After the accident I couldn’t go to work, and saw Esther Rantzen doing the advert on TV. I called straight away.

They were very professional, helpful and sympathetic. It was nice to hear a genuine person on the end of the phone.

I found Accident Advice Helpline’s approach very genuine: they kept me in contact and up to date with all the process. I felt secure that they were doing everything that they possibly could for me. I received £6500.


Jan 17, 2012 by Jamie

I had a whiplash injury that was from a car crash. Somebody went into the back of me at a roundabout. I heard about Accident Advice Helpline and found them on Google. I filled in a couple of details and they calculated how much my potential claim could be worth. They asked if I was OK and whether I’d made a recovery, which I hadn’t. They were friendly guys and very professional. The reason I’d recommend them is probably because of the service I received and how professional they were. You don’t have to chase them – they come to you and do the work for you. I received just over £4500.

Very happy with the service

Dec 29, 2011 by Janine

I was stationary and the car behind decided to make a three point turn on the opposite side of the road and collided into my car. I would definitely recommend AAH to my friends and family as they’ve helped me throughout my claim. They were very polite and professional and were very efficient in their approach. The form-filling process took about thirty seconds – no time at all. They’ve been extremely professional and have scrutinized my case impeccably and I’ve been very happy with the service.


Dec 13, 2011 by Tina

Somebody hit the back of my car, while I was waiting for someone to cross at a zebra crossing, and shunted me forward, causing me to have whiplash, a back injury and now vertigo. My husband suggested that we needed to go ahead and get some compensation as we were paying quite a lot of money for physiotherapy and I was off work for quite a long time. Accident Advice Helpline were really brilliant, they made everything really easy. The paperwork was simple to fill in. It was all sorted out very quickly. Because all the forms were pre-printed, it only took five minutes to check the details were correct and sign. I would definitely recommend Accident Advice Helpline. Everything was done so quickly and the staff were really friendly and helpful. My claim was £3000.


Jul 04, 2011 by Peter Dyson

I was on a delivery at the time. As I went to pick up a box from the back of my van the entire pallet gave way, landing on top of me. I suffered with serious back pain and knocked out my front tooth.

I rang the Accident Advice Helpline who were excellent. They checked out the claim with their solicitors and made making a claim so easy!

I ended up with £2,255.


Feb 14, 2011 by Susan Bailey

I was walking along the street when I tripped on an uneven pavement causing me to fall forward. I landed very awkwardly damaging both my right knee and ankle, and ended up needing surgery.

Accident Advice Helpline came to my aid. Their friendly team gave me free expert advice.

I received £9,560 for my injuries, which was a huge relief.

Expert advisors

Nov 26, 2010 by Cornelius

I was in my taxi waiting at a red light, when suddenly another vehicle hit me from behind. The impact left me in shock and I suffered from serious back pain immediately after it happened.

Later that day I picked up the phone and called Accident Advice Helpline. Their expert advisers made the whole claim process simple.

I was awarded £4,625 in compensation for my injuries.


May 18, 2010 by Geoff

On the day of the accident I was working on a building site. As I was moving some heavy piping from a pallet onto the floor, my hand was crushed by a second pipe left unsecured. I went back to work the next day, but the pain was too great for me to carry on.
I had heard of Accident Advice Helpline and decided to give them a call. Their hassle free service helped me claim £2601.82 compensation.

Serious Damage

May 08, 2010 by Steve Hubber

The accident happened at work where I was employed as a pattern maker’s assistant. Earlier in the day, some metal mouldings had been placed irresponsibly in the way of where I was working.

Recognising the risk, I asked several times for the mouldings to be moved. As I reluctantly continued working, I clipped the mouldings which fell and landed on my leg causing serious damage.

I decided to call Accident Advice Helpline who checked out the claim for me. I ended up receiving £3,677 in compensation.