Personal Injury Claims can be made for any accident that wasn’t your fault and that occurred within the last 3 years.

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Top Tips When Making Personal Injury Claims

With more accidents on the road, work-related accidents, and slips, trips and falls being reported than ever before, the Accident Advice Helpline has revealed 6 top tips to help victims successfully make Personal Injury Claims.

  1. Write everything down

For victims of accidents, it is important to write down as much information as possible. Claimants need to get the names and addresses of everyone who was involved in the accident, including any witnesses. If the victim is incapacitated to the point that they cannot do this for themselves, then someone else needs to take control of the situation and gather this information on their behalf.

Keeping a note of all medical appointments that you have attended, diagnoses received, prescribed medication, and details of all symptoms will also help you pursue a personal injury claim. Maybe start a diary or journal, noting down events of importance or the development of new symptoms when they happen?

  1. Take photos where possible

Ten years ago, the prosecution producing photographs of a vehicle collision or a poorly maintained pavement that caused a trip would have been unheard of. Nowadays, with so many people owning camera phones, it is easier than ever for people to snap a picture of the situation as it happens. Victims with photographic evidence have the upper hand when it comes to compensation claims, the opposition will find it difficult to put together a case against you if you can prove it wasn’t your fault. Nobody can argue with a photo!

  1. Keep everything in a folder or file

If there is one thing that the Accident Advice Helpline has learned through its years of involvement in the personal injury claims industry, is that organisation is key. We suggest keeping a separate file or folder with all the relevant information for your personal injury claim Even if the victim doesn’t file things in any sort of order; just having all the necessary paperwork in one place will inevitably take the stress out of making a claim.

  1. Prove it

Being injured in an accident can affect you in all sorts of different ways. As well as the immediate implications of not being able to work or drive for instance, there can also be longer term implications. Many people who are injured to the extent where they may not be able to do much for weeks or even months find that they need to enlist the help of family, friends, and professionals to help them take care of themselves, their children and even their homes.

However, to make a successful claim you need to prove it. Claimants can help with this process by keeping receipts, invoices, bank statements or anything they think will help to calculate the total costs involved in their case. Expenses relating to medicines, food and drinks bought whilst in hospital, and petrol used by relatives taking the claimant to medical appointments can all be claimed for too, so the best course of action is to keep everything written down and as many receipts as possible to get back everything you are entitled to.

  1. Get Expert Advice

Accident Advice Helpline offer free expert advice so you can discuss your case in detail with no obligation and find out about the process of claiming. We will ensure that you are introduced to an experienced 100% No Win No Fee Solicitor who are specialists in Personal Injury Law.

Our expert solicitors have years of experience in dealing with personal injury claims. Our solicitors can handle thousands of cases every year and so we have the capacity to accept more clients than many of our rivals. Quite often a local solicitor will not be able to take on your case as they already have a full case load, this will never be the case at Accident Advice Helpline.

  1. Settle early where possible

When a solicitor has had a chance to contact the defendant and they have admitted liability, they will usually be able to give an indication of roughly how much they think the claim is worth. At this point, they will often ask the claimant what level of compensation they would be willing to accept and in the majority of cases an offer will be made to settle the case out of court for this amount. This means the claimant will get paid faster and they won’t need to worry about the claim any longer, leaving them to concentrate on their recovery.

For claimants who have suffered injuries through accidents that were not their fault, making personal injury claims with the right company should be a fairly straightforward process. By following the advice offered here by the Accident Advice Helpline, their experts say claims will be processed faster and compensation amounts will generally be higher.

If you wish to discuss a claim with Accident Advice Helpline you can call for free 24 hours a day on 0800 180 4 123 (0333 500 0993 from a mobile).

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