Dealing with tiredness at work and how to make an accident at work claim

Although it is something that you should avoid, it is not uncommon to feel tired at work from time to time. Situations in your personal life may mean that you don’t get a particularly good night’s sleep one night, which can lead to tiredness at work the next day.

Alternatively, it could actually be working towards an important deadline at work which can cause you to miss sleep and be tired at work. As long as it doesn’t happen all the time it should be fine for you to get through the occasional day feeling sleepy. However, it can be useful to know some tricks which can help you to try to stay as alert as possible, so that you don’t get into any trouble with your employer.

  • Get up and move around. If you find yourself drifting off at your desk you can try getting up and going for a walk around the office, or even leaving the building briefly to take a quick walk. This should wake you up and help you to return to work feeling more refreshed.
  • Eat and drink healthily. Relying on sugar and energy drinks can give you a boost, but this will be followed by an energy crash that will actually make you more tired. If you eat fruit and vegetables throughout the day, as well as plenty of protein, and drink water, this will actually make you feel more awake.
  • Try a coffee. This is only a temporary solution as you will soon find that you experience an energy crash just as if you were relying on sugar or energy drinks. But if you are struggling to keep your eyes open, a coffee can help you to get through the next couple of hours at least.
  • Challenge yourself. Often, tiredness at work can simply come down to boredom. Try to give yourself plenty to do during the day, and pay attention to what you are doing so that your mind is occupied with something other than tiredness.

Making a Highland accident at work claim

If you have been involved in an accident which you caused by falling asleep, there is very little you can do to get yourself out of the situation. However, if your accident was caused by the negligence of someone else, you should think about making a Highland accident at work claim against them, to help you to pay for medical bills and other expenses.

Call Accident Advice Helpline on 0800 689 0500 to find out more about making a Highland accident at work claim and decide whether or not it is worth your while making a claim of your own. If you decide to go ahead, your Highland accident at work claim will be handled by experienced professionals.

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